Managing your finances properly is the first step toward revenue growth, but handling the finances of your company can be time-consuming and challenging if you're trying to manipulate files or transfer data manually. You know it's essential to track expenses accurately or you may make a fatal mistake with your spending. Using an expense reporting cloud-based web software like Nexonia can help. It's a cloud-based mobile software solution making it easier and more efficient to track expenses and time. It also includes Net Suite integration, which helps you streamline your company's expenses with a robust ERP. Learning how to use Nexonia Expenses successfully can be highly advantageous for your company.

Utilizing Nexonia Expenses

Nexonia Expenses provides the solution you need to have your expenses recorded seamlessly and efficiently. This cloud-based mobile software can be customized to meet the unique requirements of your business. It's Net Suite integration helps relieve the frustration of data transfer and boosts your productivity and workflow. Here are some of the features:

Credit Card Integration: If you've been trying to match credit card transactions to your reports manually, you understand what a nightmare this can be. Utilizing credit card feeds that are automated makes recording expenses simpler and streamlined. You're provided with higher visibility and more importantly, control over expenditures.

Multi-Currency Support: Nexonia Expenses also offers multi-currency support. This feature makes it painless to handle exchange rates as this cloud-based web software solution retrieves the rate you need by matching it to the date of your receipt. This automated accessibility means there's no more hassle trying to figure out exchange rates from past data.

Go Fully Mobile: When your employees are out and about in the field with their mobile tablets or smartphones, it can simplify expense reporting by providing access to an app. This accessibility allows members of your team to submit expenses and have them approved by managers in seconds.

ERP Integration: Net Suite integration option is available. Integration means Nexonia allows you to sync your data fast with this popular ERP.

Tracking your expenses is crucial for keeping the finances of your company stable. It also provides valuable insights into the amount you're spending on specific costs. While Nexonia Expenses does help streamline this process, you may want to receive further assistance from an experienced accountant here at Fusion CPA. An accounting professional can remove an extra workload from your activities and make it easier for you to focus on your company's operations.

Nexonia Timesheets Employee Time Tracking Software

Another factor your business may struggle with is keeping track of billable hours. Nexonia Timesheets is a time reporting software that makes this more efficient and convenient, which can help streamline your payroll calculations. This employee time tracking software allows employees to utilize multiple built-in timers. The time spent working on specific projects can be recorded quickly and easily.

Creating and submitting timesheets can be completed fast via an employee's mobile app. Tailoring workflows can help satisfy your company's requirements when Nexonia Timesheets is used. Once you learn how to use this time reporting software, your company should see how much easier it is to handle this critical process.

Nexonia Travel Features

You'll also have access to an online travel booking service when you utilize this software. Using the platform allows you to integrate with several different travel management companies. It's fully customizable to meet the needs of your corporate travel policy. It can help you gain more visibility into the amount you're spending on travel for employees, spot trends and assist in negotiating better corporate rates.

Nexonia Time Off Features

Planning and requesting vacations or submitting sick days can be done quickly with this platform. Nexonia Time Off features the ability for your employees to submit for time off or see the number of vacation days they have accrued, used or have remaining for the rest of the year. Streamlining this process makes submission and approval straightforward and fast.

Nexonia Purchase Orders

This platform allows you to keep track of the orders you place with suppliers. You'll be able to record costs and follow delivery times easier and transfer data quickly to your ERP. Creating custom fields and reports can allow you to analyze your purchase orders and gain insight into these expenses.

Learning how to use Nexonia Expenses, Nexonia Timesheets and the other features available can help increase the productivity, insight and efficiency of your company. If you need assistance with the accounting side of these helpful software solutions — we at Fusion CPA are here to help. Seeking the guidance and expertise of an experienced CPA who can help keep your expenses and billable hours on the right track can increase operational efficiencies and set you up for revenue growth. Our CPA's are ready when you are. We also offer tax planning and preparation, CFO business advisory and bookkeeping services. You can learn more about our services by clicking the button below to schedule a complimentary discovery call today!


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