As an owner of an advertising agency you know that a crucial component to your success is having accurate financial records. Whether you're firm specializes in digital, radio, outdoor, newspaper, broadcast or cable advertising, you've got to up to date financial information to make accurate financial decisions. When your organization is using multiple methods to complete your client’s adverting tasks, it helps to have a central solution where you can manage and track all of your advertising efforts.

Assisting With Best Bookkeeping Practices

If your company is using the Strata platform to assist you with your advertising, it's helpful to know that it offers a number of features and benefits that will assist with your small business bookkeeping. Our Atlanta advertising firm CPAs are big fans of this platform as it integrates with a number of different platforms. Master data from accounting software such as QuickBooks Online (QBO), Advantage, SAP and more syncs with Strata, giving you key details about your finances without having to manually enter the data in for a second time. This provides you with the most current and complete access to your finances.

Billing And Reconciliation Made Easy

Billing and reconciliation are easier to perform and track with Strata's platform. Its integration with platforms such as QBO and SAP ensures that all of your financials are updated within Strata’s database. This allows you to minimize financial risks and protect the company’s profit margins. The Strata platform allows agency stakeholders to view financial liabilities, making it much easier for our advertising agency accountants to do things such as construct streamlined accounting workflows for clients. The platform also gives advertising agencies the ability to generate reconciliation billing based on a cleared schedule and to customize your invoice formatting. From there, our small business CPAs are able to reconcile and clear out multiple invoices that are based on actuals from Strata. All of these features make advertising firm bookkeeping easier due to the integration with your chosen financial system.

Assists With Audit And Control

Keeping control of your books is essential if you want to make sure that your business is staying within your chosen advertising budget and you are receiving the money that you're owed. You have easy access to both Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable data when you're using Strata's solution. This provides a secure and quick way to access any of the financial data that you need to review. By using Strata's platform, you can also view your cross-month and cross-media billing and compare it to the amount you've booked.

Our Accountants Can Provide Assistance

If your business has incorporated Strata's platform or you're thinking about doing so, it always helps to have professional assistance if you are unsure about certain small business bookkeeping procedures or just require an accounting expert to assist you with your financial record keeping. When you utilize our accounting services you'll receive expert assistance and an established system for keeping your financial records current. This helps safeguard against errors and helps you understand the current financial health of your business at all times.


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