One of the first questions that professionals usually ask when seeking CFO advisory for staffing firm services is how to manage all of the different pay ratios and client details that are in play. A staffing firm's revenue stream traditionally relies on keeping track of commission rates and percentage cuts of hourly rates. So, you may really manage two types of services simultaneously when running your firm because you may have the talent and clients. Additionally, miles put in for client visits or check-ins on talent at job sites might create some complicated guidelines for deductions. If these circumstances are familiar, Acumatica may be your solution.

Some of your peers in talent acquisition, recruiting, and staffing may already fully set up with Acumatica Cloud ERP, or there's a good chance you've already heard some of the people in your industry discussing this platform at networking events and conferences. Acumatica is a full-scale management solution for staffing firms looking to operate and thrive in the digital economy. Let's look at some of the features that may be very relevant for better accounting and bookkeeping for staffing firms.

Inside Acumatica Accounting Software

Acumatica accounting software could be your best option because it may provide everything needed in a platform for efficient accounting for staffing firms in one place. You may even be able to devote more time to the "relational" aspect of staffing instead of getting bogged down by performing as a staffing firm accountant for so many hours of the day. The reality is that the time you spend on bookkeeping for staffing firms may not have an impact when it comes to attracting new clients and talent. However, it's still vital. The automated features of Acumatica accounting software might help to solve this time-crunch dilemma because your numbers and financials could be updated and integrated in real-time without manual entry. Here's what you're looking at with full integration:

  • Financial reporting tools
  • Customer management
  • Cost tracking
  • Service automation
  • Expense management

Acumatica is elegant when it comes to aligning client accounts and projects with your overall financials. Still, the software should not replace a partnership with a customer-oriented staffing firm CPA. Acumatica may also help to visualize client management and bookkeeping as two separate things that should be melded together when it's time to calculate the books for tax planning and business planning. Client relations and business accounting data could be seen as adjacent faucets that fill the same basin when you activate Acumatica accounting for your staffing firm.

Better Productivity Is Coming

The big thing that can be said about using Acumatica for accounting for staffing firms is that everyday processes may suddenly become smoother. More so, if you outsource your accounting and bookkeeping to CPA experienced with Acumatica's console, you may experience a spike in financial management efficiencies, and that might especially important for smaller staffing firms that are in a constant mode of doing more with less. Another thing to consider is that freeing up the manual entry and extensive bookkeeping that goes into managing accounting for staffing firms could leave you with more time for one-on-one sessions with clients and candidates.

Discover Projects Made Perfect With Acumatica Accounting Software

Are you wondering how full integration of your business's financial functions can benefit your firm? If so, it may be time to talk to a financial adviser about your unique needs and Acumatica's ability to help. Our team of staffing firm accountants here at Fusion CPA offer guidance to help get your business and financials integrated into this cloud-based program. We have certified Acumatica integrators with years of experience partnering with owners seeking transformational results in their accounting and bookkeeping functions. Our team strives to help staffing firms by providing access to a better way to manage the many financial and organizational aspects of managing talent and clients. You can learn more about our services by clicking the button below to schedule a complimentary discovery call today!


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