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Spotlight Reporting & Quickbooks Integration

Each year, millions of American business owners flock to certified public accountants during tax filing season, but not many of them stop to think about other valuable services that they can obtain from CPAs. A professional firm will not only help you with tax planning but also with advisory and full accountability so that your business can thrive in terms of financials

How Spotlight Works

Many business owners know how disappointing it feels to run a highly productive operation that somehow falls short of generating the desired financials. You think that a steady stream of happy clients bringing in decent revenue should be all you need to generate handsome profits, but quarterly statements show a different picture. If this situation sounds familiar, you are not alone; quite a few business owners run into cash flow issues or come up short after settling payroll and company expenses despite working diligently.

When successful business operations run into financial shortfalls, the problems are often related to a lack of clear visualization. Not all business owners are able to formulate the right budgets for their companies based on the numbers they see on their financial statements. They may not be able to manage adequate cash flow because they are not looking at the right forecasts. In some cases, the "what if" scenarios are not realistic.

Spotlight is a data visualization tool that lets you see and understand the financial situation of your company at any given time. This tool uses cloud computing for the purpose of connecting to Quickbooks Online, and it will provide you with the following:

* Instant reports with rich visual charts that let you see every expense made and revenue gathered; in other words, Spotlight reports provide actionable insights that are easy to understand.

* Forecasting that goes beyond sales and revenue projection. I

* Real-time dashboards based on bookkeeping activity that gives a holistic view of your business financial situation.

The Best Way To Take Advantage Of Spotlight

Here at Fusion CPA, we understand implementing new accounting software can be challenging and our accounting experts are here to help you navigate through the complexities of accounting software technology integrations and choose the setting best for your specific industry. Our team is motivated to help and we enjoy explaining integrations as our goal is the help improve your understanding. Naturally, we can also provide CFO advisory as needed as we look into your financials.You can learn more about our services by clicking the button below to schedule a complimentary discovery call today!


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