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Smokeball: Law Practice Accounting Integration

Smokeball Law Practice Management Software is considered one of the best law firm software by many law firm operation managers. It offers various features to help law firm CPAs and law firm accountants to perform their responsibilities reliably and effectively.

Moving Towards The Future With Smokeball Accounting Integrations

Smokeball’s accounting features can assist our professional team of accountants in providing you with updated information on the financial aspects of your business. Smokeball bookkeeping functionalities can be integrated with QuickBooks Online to help you manage your law business’s general ledger. The integration can also help you save time and reduce errors through a dedicated hybrid cloud connection. It allows for easy access to financial reports and statuses at any time.

Our professional law firm accountants are always updated on the latest accounting technologies. They are well-trained in using business management and accounting software to provide you with reliable law firm bookkeeping. We can also help you integrate your Smokeball financial system to our Quickbooks system smoothly.

Smokeball’s Other Integration Capabilities

Smokeball also integrates with other business management software such as Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Word, and LawPay. The Microsoft Outlook integration can help you manage your communications with your clients.

LawPay integration allows you to securely receive payments in real-time. LawPay is also available in all 50 state bars allowing your law firm to accept payments from clients all over the US. The system also enables acceptance and invoicing of online, and credit card payments. Finally, it supports installment plans for your clients.

Smokeballs’ Word integration gives it an edge over its competitors. Public and private law firm accurate documents are quickly generated, saving you time from producing recurring documents. Versioned and organized documents also save directly to Smokeball’s system. Saved documents can be accessed anywhere by people you give access to. Hence, you can easily share your law firm documents for collaborations and reviews.

Get Financial Clarity With Smokeball’s Financial Reporting

Utilizing financial reports as an analysis tool is a great way for you to monitor your law firm’s performance. Fortunately, with Smokeball’s financial reporting, you can now quickly determine the profitability of your law firm. It offers ROI analysis to help you find out which clients and cases give you the highest returns.

Another impressive report offered by Smokeball is its Aging Summaries. An aging summary organizes your unpaid invoices by date ranges. This feature will allow you to determine which clients are yet to pay their debts and which clients religiously pay theirs.

Fusion CPA can provide you with excellent law firm accounting services to help you create useful and reliable reports. Our knowledgeable law firm financial advisers are trained to put together reports that will show you where your law firm’s processes can improve. These reports include Profit and Loss reports, Cash Flow statements and more.

Peace of Mind Comes From Consistent Law Firm Tax Planning

As a lawyer, you understand the importance of tax compliance. Smokeball’s integration with Quickbooks can help our knowledgeable team of law firm tax specialists monitor your income and expenses through reports available in the system. These reports can help our team create tax planning strategies for your law firm by providing you a trend graph of your income and expenses. Contact us today to know how our topnotch accountants can help your business grow.


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