Does the current process for handling your bookkeeping feel stagnant? It may not be a bad idea to consider identifying more efficient software options for managing your intellectual-property law firm bookkeeping and strategic tax planning. We can't talk about platforms for law firms without putting the spotlight on Zola Suite. This platform has rich features that may make it easy to track everything from billable hours to client payments. Every angle of Zola Suite is open to customization and "smart" automation. Let's crack the case of why Zola Suite is one of the top practice management options for law firms across the country.

Organize, Automate and Get Paid

Zola Suite's strength lies in the fact that users get to control the balance of human organization and platform automation they want to use. You're managing clients and numbers in the same place because one leads the other. Here's a features rundown:

  • A custom client portal

  • A dashboard for matter management

  • Intelligent native email

  • Contact management

  • Case-centric and rule-centric calendar

  • Document management and automation

  • Task management

  • CRM

  • Time tracking and billing

  • Trust accounting

Zola Suite Caseway™ Mobile app can allow you to accept payments from the clients sitting across the desk from you. Zola Suite also offers customized invoices and real-time payment tracking regardless of how payments are received. Additionally, everything that's needed to manage retainers, evergreen retainers, split origination, split billing, vendor bills, billing frequencies, and bank activity is accessible in real-time.

Smart Features to Build a Smarter Practice

Zola Suite is packed with time savers and accountability measures that may make your practice flow excellently. Getting it all on the same platform should make it possible to reconcile hours tracked with hours paid using automation instead of doing the accounting work by hand. Here's a glimpse at some of the automated extras:

  • Uploading, tracking, and reporting of leads based on what's in your files

  • Smart billable-hours tracking that will "travel" as you migrate from a desktop to a mobile device

  • Rate cards for preferred clients

  • A smart email system that automatically assigns relevant documents based on what's in emails

  • Auto-generated client reports for collecting sales tax, AR aging, AP aging, statement of account, referrals, fee allocations, and client payments

The format is outlined for impeccable accountability. You're also getting the added benefit of being able to integrate Zola Suite with QuickBooks Online (QBO).

Keeping Up With Timekeeping Can Be Easier

Saying that time is money may be more than a trope in the legal profession. That's why Zola Suite offers a dozen ways to create time entries that don't miss a beat. Zola Suite gets it done using cutting-edge technology that pulls from everything from calendar blocks to task logs to accurately convert time spent into billable hours.

Evolve the Way You Handle Intellectual-Property Bookkeeping

As you may see, Zola Suite offers robust features for law firms. Still, implementing all of the features available within Zola Suite can be amplified with the assistance of intellectual property CFO advisory services. Here at Fusion CPA, we take pride in being the intellectual-property financial advisers who know the ins and outs of Zola Suite. We offer insight into the best practices for intellectual property law firm tax planning, bookkeeping, accounting, and more. Part of our CFO advisory services is recommending software like Zola Suite to our legal practice clients. Since we are platform-integration experts, our goal is to partner with you to help you stay competitive and reach your goals. So, if you are noticing inefficiencies or you’re ready to try a new option, Zola Suite may be able to help you pick up the pace. Our team is available to help you through this process. You can learn more about our services by clicking the button below to schedule a complimentary discovery call today!


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