ShopKeep: QuickBooks Online Integration E-commerce Accounting

Running a successful single or multi-location retail business is not an easy task. Flexibility, proper planning, and organizational skills are necessary, especially when dealing with high volume operational tasks. Nonetheless, when entrepreneurs lack the manpower to handle the workload effectively, they can try to fix the problem by hiring more staff. That is not always a cost effective option. The other option for businesses is to outsource their multi-location retail bookkeeping and inventory reporting tasks to our team of Atlanta based CPAs, accountants and bookkeepers - all of which have years of experience utilizing the ShopKeep platform.

In turn, we provide the tools and manpower to help businesses improve cash flow and enhance long-term value. We join forces with the CEO, COO or CFO in implementing operational and growth initiatives.

  • We utilize ShopKeep to assist us with integrating and managing our clients' multi-location retail inventory functions in coordination with their accounting platform.
  • We then reconcile the ShopKeep POS and inventory management functions in the QuickBooks Online multi-location system resulting in a streamlined retail operation.

A growing entrepreneur's businesses can benefit greatly from ShopKeep’s inventory management & POS services. Fusion CPA provides:

  • Bookkeeping

  • Accounting

  • Tax planning and preparation

  • CFO advisory services

For start-ups and growing businesses in the retail arena. Many entrepreneurs see that our services save them the cost of hiring and training full-time staff. Thus, they are able to utilize those savings to expand other aspects of their business.


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