Shopify: Quickbooks Online Integration Ecommerce Accounting

Are you trying to expand your small business to the ecommerce arena?

Our Atlanta tax and accounting specialists discovered that we can organize financials, calculate taxes and unify payments using the Shopify eCommerce software. With Shopify’s accounting features, we can help our clients run profitable eCommerce ventures.

E-commerce Unleashed

Our clients run a variety of different businesses in various industries. They have specialized expertise, but seek our accounting proficiency and use the Shopify software to streamline their ventures. With Shopify, they can engage in OmniChannel selling. This allows them to sell their merchandise using online stores, Point of Sale (POS) or Buy Buttons. Shopify sets up their shopping carts and linked them with 70 of the top payment processors in the industry. The Buy Button can be added to Social Media websites, like Facebook or Pinterest, and it can also be added to other websites and blogs. We use Shopify to organize the financials from all of these different sales channels.

Calculating Taxes

Setting up Shopify for tax calculations has been very easy. Shopify can handle most tax calculations, tax overrides and even special circumstances. It includes a set of default sales tax rates, but you can adjust these when necessary. As mentioned earlier, Shopify can be used for an online store or POS. It even has tax calculation features for either channel. Our multi-location retail clients can set the online store tax rates for the countries that they have shipped to. Certain products are exempt from taxes. So, we can use the tax overrides for that merchandise. At the end of the day, our Atlanta tax specialists can use the Shopify Taxes Finance Report to summarize all of the applicable sales taxes. We can also use the Sales Finance Report, if we wanted to include order amounts, POS, billing and shipping locations. We can export this Sales Finance Report as a CSV file. Our accountants can quickly complete end of year tax reports for our clients using Shopify.

Powerful Analytics

Shopify Analytics allows us to explain to our client, how their businesses compare to others. We can use the Shopify Overview Dashboard to see Total Sales, Online Store Sessions, Returning Customer Rate, Online Store Conversion Rate, Average Order Value and Total Orders. Some of our clients are struggling to be profitable. They ask our assistance in viewing their shopping metrics. Since we see many businesses, we understand what profitable and unprofitable businesses look like. Our knowledgeable CPAs are able to offer useful financial advice to our clients thanks to superior Shopify Analytics functionality. We have everything in one easy-to-read display. The charts simplify the figures and allow us to identify trends. Thereafter, business owners have an understanding of where they need to devote more attention to improve their entity's profitability.

Accounting Software Integration

Shopify easily integrates with QuickBooks online. Our Atlanta retail CPAs helps our clients with accomplishing the integration of Shopify application into the QuickBooks Online platform. The Shopify app manages invoices, purchase orders, customers and tax reports on QuickBooks. Our elite bookkeepers enjoy these online invoicing and quoting tools because it streamlines their daily tasks. The QuickBooks Online and Shopify integration is especially useful for accounts payable and accounts receivable management. Shopify is one of the top eCommerce software programs for a reason. It has very good help articles and provides very useful information for modern businesses. We are able to reconcile payments across Omni Channels and create comprehensive tax reports using the powerful Shopify eCommerce software.


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