ServiceWorks is a unified cloud-based platform designed to automate many of the tasks service firm owners, like you, do every day. The platform was designed to help you focus on maintaining and growing your firm as opposed to wasting time on extra mundane tasks. ServiceWorks simplifies things like inventory management, dispatch, point-of-sale, and accounting. This software streamlines a lot of your business’ operations, making it possible for you to provide you quality services with fewer costly mistakes.

Use Schedule Dispatch Calendar to Monitor Jobs and Employees

ServiceWorks makes scheduling more efficient by giving you multiple ways to manage your schedule. How you manage your schedule can give you an edge over your competition by giving you more time to work with your clients.

  • Schedule Calendar – Allows you to see all of your field employees. The toggle feature allows you to see which jobs are assigned to these technicians as well as filter technicians by zones and professions.

  • Day View, Week View, and Month View – Allows you to adjust the time slot for the job, change the technicians assigned to the job, and create new jobs with a click of a button.

  • Map View – This will show you all of the jobs scheduled for that day laid out on the map. In this view, you can assign technicians, change technicians, edit assignment dates, and edit times.

Our experienced CPAs can help you make sense of all your field service firm accounting information to help your business succeed. We can also help you create actionable business plans to help you find the best path for your business.

ServiceWorks QuickBooks Accounting Integration

You will be surprised at how easy it is to integrate QuickBooks Online and ServiceWorks. With the integration, you can quickly push customer payments and invoices from ServiceWorks to QuickBooks Online. Furthermore, the information will be stored in the appropriate account.

To integrate ServiceWork with QuickBooks, simply identify the transaction you want to be synced by date range. Next, click the QB connect button. Input your credentials for QuickBooks and proceed to synchronize the data once the connection has been made.

QuickBooks integration makes field service firm bookkeeping a more organized affair. Simply create an IIF file and import your transactions to QuickBooks to sync up your invoices from ServiceWorks to QuickBooks. To do this, follow the path File> Utilities> Import> IIF Files in QuickBooks. You will then see a list of the imported invoices. With this view, you can click on a particular customer to see information about them. With this accounting integration our team of knowledgeable CPAs are able to efficiently create a tax planning strategy for your field service firm.

If you find it challenging to sync QuickBooks to ServiceWorks, our accountants would be happy to work with you and show you how to make the most of this software. Our team of professional field service accountants is eager to help your business succeed.

Efficient Analytics and Reports

ServiceWorks offers you the power of data to run your business. Having access to real-time data is crucial to your business’s success. You need to be able to evaluate your customers accurately, the routes your technicians are taking, and the profitability of each route to make more money. With ServiceWorks, your financial information is available at your fingertips. The Analytics and Reports feature offers you:

  • Revenue Optimization – The ability to analyze the profitability of a customer and/or client account

  • Routes Schedules and Deliveries – Maximize profitability by managing your business based on traffic times

  • Keep Track of All of Your Money in One Place – Monitor receivables, customers, and payables all within this flexible software.

Our field service firm financial advisers can show you how to use this information to keep your field service firm bookkeeping up-to-date. We can provide you reports on the profitability of your projects, your periodic cash flows, and more. Learn more about the accounting services we provide by scheduling a complimentary discovery call; click the button below now!


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