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ProTempus: Cloudl Law Firm Accounting

As an owner of a law firm, your client’s records should be kept confidential and private at all times. Additionally, all important documents should be organized in an efficient manner. For law firms looking to streamline operations and increase productivity, ProTempus could be your solution. This law firm case management and accounting software give users the ability to perform the necessary law firm accounting functions that are required in order to be successful. When you utilize the law firm accounting services we provide you will have access to a team of law firm accountants who can take care of all bookkeeping and tax issues, giving you more time to focus on scaling your law firm. As mentioned before, all your data should remain intact and safeguarded. It is risky when third parties get a hold of your client’s confidential data. This also applies to the personal information that you store on your laptop. ProTempus is cloudless, so it had the ability to provide you high-grade security.

Law Firm Bookkeeping

With the help of ProTempus your law firm accountant can accurately account for all facets of your firm. ProTempus allows accountants to pull information such as escrow accounts, payments received fee deposits, and invoices to clients. This software’s trust accounting feature also gives accountants the ability to perform tasks such as setting up online bill pay and tracking expenses.

Tax Planning & Financial Growth

All law firms, regardless of the size, must stay up to date on the ever changing tax regulations. As part of our job, one for our law firm tax planning specialists can help advise you on which steps to take to avoid incurring major penalties from the government and reducing your tax liability. With ProTempus, your law firm CPA will be able also able to pull important data so that we can accurately prepare your tax returns. In addition, ProTempus’ law firm accounting solution allows our law firm tax specialists create detailed financial reports for your firm, giving you a more in-depth look into your company’s financial health. Our team of law firm CFO’s are here to provide excellent advisory services and help maximize profits for your law firm. Whether you need consulting to get your law firm off the ground, or you need some advice on how to get yourself out of a financial hole, our team of financial experts is ready to assist you. Our team of law firm CFO advisers provide quality services such as management and systems assessments, succession planning and exit strategies.


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