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Procurify & SAP Accounting Integration

Procurify SAP Accounting integration has to be done with careful planning to ensure a smooth experience. Our expert team of small business financial advisers has written a guide to help you understand this integration better and help you create a strategy to move forward.

Why Integrate SAP With Procurify

Integrating SAP accounting with Procurify can help improve and enhance your small business accounting system. With it, you can organize your purchasing workflows and have more control through customized approvals. It can also provide you more seamless business processes and better operations. With the integration, you can streamline and optimize various SAP accounting processes using Procurify. Using both programs to their full advantage gives the company a deeper understanding of multiple areas of the business. You can also take advantage of everything the two programs have to offer, such as easy access to online databases.

Some modules the integration can help you with include accounting, accounts receivable management, general reporting, and many others. Procurify can enhance these functions by offering real-time budget tracking, allowing you to manage company spending more efficiently. The integration will ultimately give you more control over the financial processes of your business. Our experienced small business CPAs can help assure a successful integration between SAP and Procurify. Our expert team of small business financial advisers can guide you through the step-by-step requirements in performing the integration.

Deeper Look Into the Integration

As the owner of a business, you are normally in charge of several sectors of your organization. These sectors may include your finances, investment management, financial supply management, project system management, and controllership.

Data from these processes need to be integrated perfectly; otherwise, your small business tax planning may become inaccurate. Here at FusionCPA, we understand how difficult this can be, that is why our team of small business accountants are always ready to help you with the integration. With seamless integration between SAP and Procurify, your SAP's accounting analytics can be much clearer and helpful for small business tax planning.

Choosing the Right Tools For The Integration

When integrating SAP and Procurify, you must use the right integration tools. One of the best ways to synchronize the two programs is through an IDOC or “Intermediate Document.” IDOC’s are data files that are readable by two different programs, thereby allowing them to communicate with each other. There are several IDOCs compatible with SAP and Procurify.

Another tool your company can use to move data between SAP and Procurify is NetWeaver. It is a program used by SAP users to integrate third-party processes with their SAP environment. Whatever method you choose in integrating SAP, you need to consider the version of your program.

Our experienced team of small business accountants can guide you through this process. We can also offer you small business CFO advisory services to create effective policies based on the results of the integration. You can learn more about our services by clicking the button below to schedule a complimentary discovery call today!


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