Procurify helps small businesses bridge data between several financial software systems, most notably Sage Intacct. With its efficiency based features, you can rest assured that data is passed seamlessly and accurately from Procurify’s database to your financial system of choice. This effectively makes your small business bookkeeping a whole lot easier.

Procurify leads the industry in “request-to-approve” and “procure-to-pay” web-based management. The software is designed to help you with your small business tax planning and bookkeeping activities by providing a solution that allows your small business CPA to close your company’s books faster, ensure timely purchases, and minimize manual data entry. Your team can also focus on what’s important while at the same time taking charge of the entire purchasing process.

How To Best Leverage Procurify & Sage Intacct?

Sage Intacct complements Procurify as it is a software built by people highly experienced in the world of finance. It is designed to slash your close time in half and accelerate your financial team with its always updated information. When used in conjunction with Procurify, Sage Intacct gives you greater control over:

  • Purchasing: This product improves accuracy, visibility, and speed with structured transactions and approvals

  • General Ledger: Your small business accountant can manage dozens of currencies, multiple entities, and various geographies, making your small business tax planning easier

  • Accounts Payable: You can quickly and efficiently streamline workflows across the AP cycle using the two programs

  • Accounts Receivable: This allows you to automate your collection and invoicing process. It also helps speed up your cash cycle

  • Cash Management: You can track multiple accounts in real-time, making visibility, and reconciliations easy

On its own, Sage Intacct is already a flexible and configurable accounting software. Its cloud-based system allows it to bring a dynamic infrastructure to your organization. The software is designed to make it easier to share data and integrate with accounting solutions like Procurify.

Why Should Anyone Integrate Procurify With Sage Intacct?

Procurify is a spend management solution designed to help businesses identify and control their spending culture. It has a customizable workflow and a mobile app that is flexible enough to help organizations regardless of their size. It also introduces workflows that help teams easily implement internal controls based on customizable and adaptable solutions. Procurify allows small businesses to take actions based on the information received faster. Monthly spend limits by location and other tools enable businesses to manage their spending in an effective yet convenient way.

Team members can work without bottlenecks. Purchasing cycle times are reduced. Members can make requests or approve orders either on the web or on their mobile devices. Lastly, spend information is accessible and laid out in a clear way. Our small business CFO advisory service is designed to help you get a clearer picture of how your business is performing. As small business financial advisers, we are familiar with platforms like Sage Intacct and Procurify and can explain their uses and assist you with integrations. You can learn more about our services by clicking the button below to schedule a complimentary discovery call today!


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