Outsourced Email Marketing to Drive Business Sales​


Why outsource your email marketing?​

Services for outsourcing email marketing are valuable and beneficial for businesses to communicate with customers and promote campaigns, products, or services. From personalization of emails and newsletters to optimization and testing, a professional digital marketer can handle all your email marketing needs. With our team of experts, you have absolute control of the designs and the planning process utilizing outsourced email and newsletter marketing services.

Hiring an employee for in-house email marketing done for you can be costly with training and paying employment and employers’ taxes. Outsourcing email and newsletter marketing are affordable alternatives to retaining services and beneficial for boosting your sales and communicating with customers.

Reliable marketing outsourcing companies offer SmartMail, Inbox Army, Fuel Made, and eFocus Marketing services to businesses to create and develop personalized email and newsletter strategies.

Understanding Email and Newsletter Content Marketing

Email marketing is a service for communicating to customers on your emailing list about promotions, new services or products, and important announcements. Most marketing emails comprise advertisements, donation requests, and sales solicitations. For building relationships and generating leads, the powerful channel is just as effective as other channels, including YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram. If you have over 20,000 addresses in your email list, outsourced marketing services can efficiently manage the creation and delivery of emails to subscribers, customers, and prospects.

Electronic newsletter content marketing is an approach to communicating to customers and subscribers in emailed letters. Engaging email recipients and sharing relevant information allow you to promote sales and drive traffic to your website. Email marketers work with professional writers to create newsletters containing recent news about an organization or corporation.

Before you outsource email or newsletter marketing services, verify the credentials of the marketing firm. If you aren’t presently using the services, you are missing out on maximizing your marketing services to their fullest. After receiving outsourced email marketing services, businesses receive better business sales and possible return on investments (ROI).


Responsibilities of an Outsourced Email Marketer

  • Evaluates the metrics and measures the success of your existing email and newsletter marketing strategies.
  • Examines all qualities of your campaign email list, forms, and techniques.
  • Performs SWOT or Gap analysis to help you understand and improve email marketing actions.
  • Conducts email marketing audits.
  • Create subject lines and preheaders for emails and newsletters.
  • Design inbox for mobile phones.
  • Produce call-to-action emails.

Benefits of Email Marketing Services

One of the best advantages of outsourcing email marketing services and newsletter marketing services is relieving you from emailing responsibilities to focus on other aspects of the business. If you outsource your marketing services and haven’t included email and newsletter marketing, now is the time. An experienced marketer oversees all email marketing done for you to completely control the setting of your objectives and timelines.

Other benefits include the following:

  • Build your brand awareness.
  • Drive interaction with your subscribers, customers, and potential customers.
  • Encourage subscribers to advocate your company, products, and services.
  • Increase traffic to your blog, website, or social media.
  • Target your desired demographics.
  • Save money on hiring a regular employee that comes with payroll expenses and taxes.
  • Boost sales.

Where Can You Start with Outsourcing Marketing Services?

You can conveniently find outsourced marketing services offered by the Business Process Outsourcing team at Fusion CPA. An email marketer will gladly provide consultation explaining the four different types of services and economical costs. When you work with a financial professional, they will place you with an expert to perform all the responsibilities of email and newsletter content marketing. A marketing outsourcing company does all the formatting, template designs, and composing and delivery of newsletters and emails so you don’t have to.

As Fusion CPA, we help our clients with outsourced digital marketing solutions, that include content creation, social media, and referral marketing services,  designed to increase brand awareness across your specific business industry. 

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