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NueMD: Medical Billing Accounting Software

Medical billing is a critical job that must be done with precise attention to detail. The coding for various services done at a hospital for example is highly complex, and this can make it incredibly difficult for even the most capable of people to accurately process billing. Thus, the need for adequate medical accounting software has never been greater. Fusion CPA helps to reconcile and integrate the NueMD practice management platform with the bookkeeping and accounting functions of the Quickbooks Online platform for medical offices.

Updates As Coding Updates

One of the largest complaints in the medical community is that a lot of medical accounting software simply does not keep up with updates to medical billing and coding. This is inefficient as there are a lot of changes that occur in the medical accounting field over the years. This inefficiency can cause medical financial statements to have errors and inconsistencies on them. Our team of highly qualified accountants, bookkeepers, CPAs and tax specialists understand how imperative it is that a medical facilities’ accounting software produces accurate financial records. A medical office that has archaic billing information can easily become antiquated and suffer huge financial setbacks.

Working With Insurance

Insurance obviously plays a massive role in the American medical system. The use of insurance to cover medical expenses is something that virtually every American does. It is imperative that people who work in the medical billing department have access to platforms that accurately bills medical expenses to insurance. Due to insurance companies using a large variety of billing codes medical financial statements can be difficult to assess. It is imperative that your medical accounting software facilitates your billing process by sorting the billing codes for you. This feature allows NueMD to foster an environment where medical professionals can be as efficient.

Great For Storing Records Long Term

Another advantage of using NueMD is that the data that is entered into system can be stored electronically forever. NueMD has the potential to reduce the necessity of large paper medical billing storage facilities. With these records now being kept electronically, there is a decreased risk of records taking up huge amounts of space or getting lost which allows that space to be used more efficiently. Your medical practice is more productive when you use NueMD software.


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