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A consistent flow of paying clients is the lifeblood of your law firm. Tracking and monitoring multiple clients, and their billings can be an arduous and confusing task. There is no room for error. Any mistakes in your law firm’s bookkeeping could jeopardize your client’s faith in your law firm’s competence. Needles Case Management software is designed to help law firms like yours to track the needs of multiple clients simultaneously and accurately.

Needles Case Management Software Leads & Intake Features

Law firms generate clients through ad campaigns, call centers, referrals, websites, or sign-ups. These processes can cost a lot of time and money. Thus, it is essential to take care of new clients as efficiently as you can.

Processing your new client’s information can be a time-consuming activity. Fortunately, Needles Case Management software makes this process easier. Through its ability to be customized intake screen coupled with a streamlined import and export process, the process is seamless.

Some of the Needles Case Management intake screen’s primary features include:

  • Conflict checks
  • Setting appointments
  • Tracking referrals

Information can be gathered and then separated based on the type of case the client has. Having the particulars of the case laid out in this way makes it easier for you to decide whether to accept or reject it. Otherwise, refer the client to another source. You can make these decisions on a case-by-case basis or use this platform to make decisions on groups of cases.

Once you have decided to accept the case. Information about it is sent to the appropriate departments automatically, including the law firm accounting department or your law firm CPA. This feature significantly streamlines your employee’s workload.

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Superior Customization Of Needle Case Management Platform

Needles Case Management benefits from years of experience working with thousands of law firms. Their expertise has allowed the creation of a platform that has evolved to meet the needs of modern law firms. Needles case management software developers built an extensive case type database. This allows your team of attorneys to select a particular case type category for each of your clients. Subsequently, Needles will direct you to a checklist that includes all of the fields that are most commonly associated with that type of case. Being that it can be customized to fit your needs, you will be able to make adjustments to meet your personal needs.

Streamlining Your Law Firm Accounting With Needle’s Quickbooks Integration

The software makes law firm bookkeeping easier by taking all of the costs associated with a client and putting them in one easy to identifiable and traceable file. Our team of law firm bookkeepers has the ability to total all your costs and expenses within a particular file using one click. Running reports on different value items have never been easier. When it comes to law firm tax planning. Our top-notch law firm CPAs can help you be in control. We can help you use the Needles’ Value feature to request checks, run reports on specific value items, and track time and leans.

This software is compatible with various billing methods such as billing on contingency, billing by the hour, and flat-fee billing. Our seasoned law firm bookkeepers can help you manage your billings and receivables. Their reliable reports can help you accurately determine which receivables are due and which are not.

Why Use Needles

Needles is a fantastic tool that can help you with managing your law firm. However, it does not have all the functionalities a complete accounting software has. To answer this issue, Needles Case Management Software allows integration with 2014 to 2018 desktop versions of Quickbooks.

By integrating your Needles account to your Quickbooks software, you can instantly sync your time-based billing transactions to your receivable maintenance. Needles Versions 4.8 and above allows you to choose what to include in QuickBooks memo and voucher memo items. The preferences for the integration can be done entirely on Needles’ interface. Our well-trained law firm accountants can help you for smooth integration between Needles and Quickbooks.

Our team of law firm CPAs is dedicated to helping your law firm manage its finances in an organized and detailed way. From law firm CFO advisory to risk mitigation to streamlining financial decisions, we are committed to helping you leverage new opportunities to quickly grow your law firm. Our expert team of accountants can do this while simultaneously providing you with a service that you can feel confident in.

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