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Multi State Tax Compliance – Orlando City v Atlanta United

Atlanta’s dynamic MLS team Atlanta United is set to take on Orlando City tonight in Atlanta, Georgia. With this match being hosted in Atlanta all of the active Orlando City team members are obligated to pay Georgia state tax even if they do not actually play a single minute in the match. This is very beneficial for the state of Georgia, and has made us interested to know how much money the state of Georgia will collect from the top 6 earning players of Orlando City.

An athletes’ state tax contribution is calculated using their salary, the number of games/matches in a sports season divided by the amount of days that game/match is being played in the state, and state tax percent.

[(An athletes’ salary) / (number of matches or games in the season that is played in the state) * (state tax percent)]

Our first step in calculating a players’ state tax contribution will be identifying what each players’ salary is for 2018. lists the 6 highest earning players and their salaries as:

  • Dom Dwyer makes~ $1.383MM
  • Sacha Kljestan makes~ $1.1MM
  • Lamine Sane makes~ $855K
  • Jonathan Spector makes~ $636K
  • Yoshimar Yotun makes~ $599K
  • Christian Higuita makes~ $581K

Since we know that there are 34 games in the MLS season, and Georgia state tax is calculated at 6%. We can now project approximately how much the top 6 earning Orlando City players will owe the state of Georgia.

  • Dom Dwyer will owe Georgia ~ $2,441
  • Sacha Kljestan will owe Georgia ~ $1,941
  • Lamine Sane will owe Georgia ~ $1,509
  • Jonathan Spector will owe Georgia ~ $1,124
  • Yoshimar Yotun will owe Georgia ~ $1,059
  • Christian Higuita will owe Georgia ~ $1,026


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