Georgia state tax obligation

Multi State Tax Compliance – Colorado Rockies V Atlanta Braves

Should Atlanta taxpayers celebrate when an elite MLB team like the Colorado Rockies visit Georgia to face the Atlanta Braves?

Atlanta taxpayers should absolutely celebrate when sport teams come to visit Georgia. This is because the state of Georgia will be able to collect tax obligations from all of the active members of the Rockies roster. State’s traditionally use the collected state tax obligations to fund public sectors. The Colorado Rockies are playing in Georgia for the next three days so we decided to try and project the top six players approximate state tax obligations.

Athlete’s state tax obligation formula: [(The athlete's salary) / (number of games in the season that is played in the state) * (state tax percent)]According to the 6 highest earning players and their salaries are:

  • Ian Desmond makes~ $22mm

  • Nolan Arenado makes~ $17.75mm

  • Wade Davis makes~ $16mm

  • Charlie Blackmon makes~ $12.33mm

  • Gerardo Parra makes~ $10mm

  • D.J. LeMahieu makes~ $8.5mm

An MLB season has approximately 162 games. Georgia state tax is currently at 6% so we have all the data we need to estimate the top 6 earning Colorado Rockies Georgia state tax obligations.

  • Ian Desmond will owe Georgia ~ $24,444

  • Nolan Arenado will owe Georgia ~ $19,722

  • Wade Davis will owe Georgia ~ $17,778

  • Charlie Blackmon will owe Georgia ~ $13,704

  • Gerardo Parra will owe Georgia ~ $11,111

  • D.J. LeMahieu will owe Georgia ~ $9,444


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