The Web-based Mogo Dental Practice Management software has given dental practice CPAs the tools to complete accounting tasks faster. Our Atlanta Dental CPAs can find essential information and combine them in vibrant financial reports.

Sharp Out of Box

We discovered that MOGO is aimed primarily at mid-sized dental clinics. The relatively flat learning curve allows dental practices to quickly learn the system. The MOGO dental practice management software is easy-to-use and sharp. Your CPA will be able to use the following MOGO features to complete your dental practice’s accounting tasks: Payments, Accounts Receivables, eStatements, Business Analysis and Reports.

Accounts Receivable

With MOGO, the Accounts Receivable section can be used to track when statements were sent or are due. The system also allows you to calculate the exact account balances in real-time to get a clear picture of your cash flow. The weekly and daily billing features balance out our dental clients' cash flow to create a more accurate figure. Line-item billing is also built into MOGO. Which allows users to choose daily, weekly or monthly billing cycle.. Once entered, the bills are automatically sent out. Dental practice entrepreneurs can view payments and collect the requisite information at a glance. All payments are automatically entered under the practice for collection payments. As these payments are made, the collection entry moves from practice to the service provider. This intuitive system allows us to run normal dental practice accounting collection reports knowing that all of the requisite information is automatically included. This speeds up our financial reporting process. Mogo is also capable of sorting financial reports by any column, so that you can get exactly what we want.

Business Analysis

The MOGO Business Analysis Reporting Dashboard places production, collection and patients on one easy-to-view display. The Business Analysis Report shows how our client’s dental clinics are performing. You can use a variety of pie charts, bar graphs and line graphs to identify trends. This system allows our Atlanta dental practice CPAs can provide valuable advice to our clients using the Business Analysis Report. We are able to track production and collection figures by type, total or average. We can view this dental practice accounting data by day, month or year. The Mogo platform makes it easier for multi-location dental practices to keep track of patient accounts at different offices when analyzing and comparing location profitability.

Custom Reports

Mogo can make numerous report types, including the Instant, Production, Payment Summary or Managed Care Reports. The Instant Reports provides real-time pop-ups when you need information on-the-fly. Dental practice accounting tasks are easier to complete due to potent MOGO reports. The MOGO Dental Practice Management software does not have QuickBooks online integration. The all-in-one MOGO Dental Practice Management software is dynamic, dependable and provided a variety of customizable reports. With the Business Analysis Report, we could give our dental clinic clients useful advice on the status of their bottom line financials. All in all, MOGO made our dental practice accounting easier by automating many tedious processes.


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