Magento Ecommerce Accounting: Quickbooks Online Integration

The Magento 's software provides businesses with display templates, inventory management, accounting, payment processing and shopping cart features for their online stores. Our professional Atlanta technology CPAs can track payments in different sales channels using the Magento eCommerce platform. The Magento technology firm software makes eCommerce possible for many of our clients.

Magento Shopping Cart

Our online retail customers who aren’t computer programmers can use the open source Magento online store software to create their websites. This is one of the top eCommerce platforms, accounting for about 20% of the market. Our elite Atlanta accountants appreciate the robust functionality delivered by the Magento platform. It can be used for any-sized business; it might be best for those who are not experts in website technology. Magento features include accounting, multiple payment gateway processing, shipping charge calculation, purchase order creation, and tax assessments.

Multiple Omnichannel

The Magento eCommerce platform helps store owners manage their front-end and back-end offices. This eCommerce solution completes the virtual supply chain, organizing all of the data for easy retrieval. Many of our most advanced business clients are selling online, offline and through other sales channels. Users are able to use Magento Order Management to track orders, amounts, and payments. We can also help our clients using Magento Business Intelligence Pro. We can accumulate data, create graphs and identify the most important trends. The Magento data automatically syncs with the dashboard, saving our accountants valuable time and energy. We help our customers identify their most profitable customers, products and sales channels.

Automatic Purchase Order Creation

Magento accountants appreciate the time-saving automatic purchase order creation functionality. This standardization makes it easier for us to complete tax records. Our entrepreneurial clients can use Magento to view, track and update their inventory. You can reconfigure the time parameters to get real-time inventory updates whenever you want. Your customers will be happier because merchandise is less likely to be out-of-stock. We believe that rewarding the most valuable and loyal customers can be very beneficial to business growth. Therefore, the ability of our customers to use Magento to track Customer Loyalty Rewards - sales, discounts, specials, BOGO, gift cards, coupons, and memberships - was a key advantage. You can apply discounts to all merchandise, specific products or create conditions.

Numerous Magento Extensions

Another nice feature of Magento is that you can start with the bare bones system or choose from more than 5,000+ Magento extensions, which can provide any missing eCommerce functionality. A bare-bones website might function faster. Or, you can add extensions to create a more sophisticated online store. These extensions can be managed with Magento Connect. For instance, our Atlanta bookkeepers can add the Magento Store Manager QuickBooks Online Integration extension to our clients Magento console. Our clients can use this feature to import new products – updating their prices, quantities, and descriptions from QuickBooks to Magento. Our Atlanta technology bookkeepers can also use it to export products, customers, orders and financial information from Magento to QuickBooks accounting. We can save valuable time and reduce errors because we didn’t need to re-enter data. Of course, you can also purchase extensions to add other software brands. Magento was such a popular eCommerce brand that it was purchased by eBay - this ownership has created more beneficial synergies. All in all, the Magento eCommerce software provides businesses with an efficient way to build an online store.


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