Legal Practice Management: Zola Suite & QuickBooks Integration

Zola Suite can help streamline the everyday processes of your legal practice so that your attorneys can focus on meeting the needs of their clients, all while running an efficient and profitable law practice. What's more, QuickBooks and Zola Suite integration can join accounts to provide optimal reporting for tax planning, reduce errors in manual bookkeeping, and more.

Who is Zola Suite for?

Zola Suite tends to be a good fit for law practices that are looking for cloud-based software that offers mobile apps for added accessibility, fully-integrated accounting and billing capabilities, exceptional document management, and built-in email.

A Great Match: QuickBooks and Zola Suite integration

When it comes to crunching numbers, you should make sure that every "i" is dotted and every "t" is crossed. Zola Suite may help you manage your firm's money both accurately and efficiently.

Zola Suite has its own comprehensive accounting system, but its ability to integrate with other software is a huge plus. Since many law firms use QuickBooks, Zola Suite offers seamless integration of the software. Here at Fusion CPA, our law firm bookkeepers are certified Zola Suite solution providers. We can reconcile data between the two platforms to allow a seamless transition. Our seasoned law firm accountants also offer assistance with traditional responsibilities such as financial modeling and budgeting.

Introducing Efficient Law Firm Bookkeeping with Zola Suite

Law firm bookkeeping may often be seen as arduous billing processes. Now, you can seamlessly generate invoices with a click of a button. Invoices can be automatically emailed, shared to a secure web portal or printed in bulk. Clients have the convenience of multiple options for paying their invoices, including online credit card payment.

Zola Suite is a full-service software and has the ability to effectively manage trust funds and retainer fees, create accounts payable checks as well as trust checks, and much more. Twenty-first-century bookkeeping has been totally revolutionized and streamlined with Zola Suite. It may be helpful for you to consider your law firm bookkeeping is critical to your success. By leveraging help from our expert law practice accountants, you should have a financial system that may be able to safeguard you from critical errors and potential legal issues.

Understanding How To Take Control of Your Taxes

When it comes to law firm tax planning, you may have already considered that you might need someone who is experienced to prepare your taxes and get you the tax advantages you need to benefit your practice. Having an error-free ledger is generally essential for developing an accurate tax return. You should be able to utilize your financial data from to create and file a tax return for your firm. We know that you work hard for the success of your law practice, but the revenue may not always seem to justify the effort. This may be due to you not accounting properly and leaving money on the table. Our law firm financial advisers have significant experience in the legal industry and know the ins and outs of running a successful law practice. If you are experiencing challenges in your law firms tax planning our team here at Fusion CPA may be able to help by diving into your financials, looking at your expenditures, evaluating where you are succeeding and where you fall short, and put together a plan to help you get on track.

Grow Revenue for your Legal Practice Strategically

When your practice is putting it's resources and efforts into the right avenues, it may allow you to take control of your business and your future. Our law firm financial advisers can guide you in expanding into a new market or providing alternative fee structures. Our firm is dedicated to helping you find the best ways to help manage and efficiently grow your law practice. We serve to help you improve your productivity and profitability by taking steps toward innovation and data-driven strategic planning. You can learn more about our services by clicking the button below to schedule a complimentary discovery call today!


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