JobDiva is one of the most efficient applicant tracking systems (ATS) in the business, and is commonly used to help staffing firms get a better understanding of their financials. Our clients use JobDiva to ensure that their staffing firm can make the most money by finding the right candidate for the right job.

Superior Application Tracking System

Our temporary agency, job staffing firm and job recruiter clients are able to fill job openings faster using the JobDiva applicant tracking system. With the JobDiva job application software, our staffing firm clients can fill the jobs more quickly. JobDiva offers global applicant tracking, talent management, human resources, email management, resume searching and job applicant onboarding features. JobDiva has created a comprehensive application tracking system that helps our staffing firm clients add, modify and report worker information for the entire life cycle of recruitment to assignment. In an instant, our clients know which worker is on which assignment and when the worker will be available for reassignment. Our staffing firms clients say they have happier clients and staff members because of the efficiency delivered by the industry-leading JobDiva applicant tracking system.

Right Candidate for Right Job

JobDiva provides financial insights, which helps clients locate missing timesheets, overspent purchase orders and total quarterly billing figures. JobDiva's automatic search features has saved us time, because we no longer need to manually search the system. We have a better understanding of the overall financial status of our staffing firm clients. We can generate new invoices with just a click. Our Atlanta staffing firm accountants appreciate the flexibility of the JobDiva system. We can produce reports in a variety of file formats, including HTML, PDF or Microsoft Excel. With this software, staffing firms can find the right candidates more quickly. Staffing firms can search resumes by skills or experience with the software. Our job recruiters can accomplish more in a shorter amount of time using these powerful JobDiva tools. Our knowledgeable CPAs also discovered that JobDiva is very user-friendly, the learning curve was relatively flat.

Manage Job Applicants

There are many important back office tasks that JobDiva Financials allows our staffing clients to complete. These include timesheets, account receivables, billing and General Ledger. We use the General Ledger feature to help our client's gain a better understanding of their cash flow. Time sheets can be collected electronically and you can conduct bulk imports with the JobDiva software. Hours worked and proof of approvals can be displayed online. Back office staff members can automatically use authenticated data entered by front office employees. You can also set purchase order discounts using JobDiva. JobDiva has delivered seamless onboarding that can be completed in less than a day. JobDiva has enabled our staffing firm clients to efficiently grow their businesses.Our Atlanta staffing firm accountants have saved time and improved financial reporting using JobDiva.


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