Field services often dispatch employees to provide onsite solutions for a wide range of industries. This type of company often offers technical activities such as office repairs, equipment installation, and more. Some field service firms also provide administrative functions such as onsite management support and business audits.

With service firms, like yours, employees often spend most of their time away from the office. Because of this fact, managing your labor force and sales can be challenging. Without direct supervision on these aspects of your business, you have no choice but to trust the accuracy of the reports your employees are providing you. Fortunately, Jobber can offer you solutions to this problem.

Advanced Timekeeping With Jobber

One of Jobber’s best features includes its easy-to-use time tracking system. With this feature, you can measure the amount of time your employees use while performing their responsibilities. The time tracker is also linked to Jobber’s GPS waypoints feature to help you keep track of your employees’ location.

You can also include descriptions to help you keep track of what activities were done per period. If you pay your employees by the hour, you can link this feature to QuickBooks to automatically compute hour salary expenses. You can also use this feature to charge hourly-billed clients.

Reliable Expense Tracking

Jobber offers an expense tracking feature that allows you and your employees to record expenditures on-the-go. The expense tracker allows you to input the name of your spending, a description, the date it was paid, the total cost, and finally, a picture of any supporting documents. You can also tag your expense for a specific job to help you monitor the profitability of your jobs.

Easy to Understand Financial Reports

Jobber offers more than 20 reports to give you a clear vision of your service firm. Several of these reports are specifically for your finances. The reports are integrated with Jobber’s other features, so you are sure that they are updated in real-time. These financial reports include Projected Income, Transaction List, Invoices Reports, Taxes Report, Aged Receivables, Bad Debts report, and client balance summary.

  • Projected Income – computes your most likely income for a period basing on the due date of your invoices

  • Transaction List – this report lists all your payments, deposits, and refunds. You can filter the report by setting the date range that you want.

  • Invoices Reports – summarizes all your issued invoices. It organizes theses invoices depending on their type like drafts, awaiting payment, and more.

  • Taxation Report – shows the taxable that is yet to be collected and taxes that were already collected.

  • Aged Receivables Report – organizes overdue receivables on how far past they are from their due dates

  • Bad Debt Reports – lists uncollected receivables

  • Client Balance Summary – lists clients with balances or over payments

Our excellent service firm CPA can help you interpret and make sense of these reports. We can also help you create an actionable business plan to help you create a path to success.

Outstanding QuickBooks Integration With Jobber

Jobber offers a long list of reliable and great reports. However, for your service firm to succeed, you need to leverage more than one business software. QuickBooks can be one of this software.

Jobber’s QuickBook Sync feature makes recording your financial transactions even easier. By integrating your Jobber account with QuickBooks only, you can easily sync your products, clients, and services. Using an inventory on Jobber also automatically updates your inventory levels on QuickBooks.

To integrate Jobber with QuickBooks, get the QB app on Jobber’s Marketplace. Afterward, click on the “Connect to QuickBooks” button to start the setup. Follow the instructions shown on the setup window and fill up the required information. After doing these steps, you will be redirected to Jobber’s screen to select your QuickBooks version. Select your preferences, and you’re done.

If you find these steps difficult, our experienced team of field service firm accountants can help you out. We are trained to seamlessly integrate Jobber with QuickBooks to help you succeed in your business. If you want to learn more, click the button below.


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