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Ivy: Quickbooks Online Integration Accounting

Ivy software offers a full suite of valuable accounting and tax planning/preparation features, particularly targeted to interior design professionals. Outsourced accounting features enable our CPAs to verify online payments, track invoices, review purchase orders and generate valuable tax reports. Our knowledgeable CPAs are able to streamline their accounting tasks using this flexible, user-friendly platform.

Ivy Interior Design Functionality

Any sized residential or commercial home interior designer firm can use the Ivy platform to track their project financials from start to finish. Ivy software is a cloud-based business management tool, software as a service (SaaS) platform, which allows outsourced bookkeepers to manage financials remotely. Interior designers can organize, invoice, track and report. Firms can create branded tear sheets, invoices and purchase orders (POs). With the Ivy software our interiort design firm CPAs have accounting, client portal, cost-to-completion tracking, resource management, project timeline tracking, improved product sourcing, payment schedule tracking, tax planning, reporting, idea management, calendar and centralized functionality at her fingertips.

Ivy Dashboard

For a global view, you can use the Dashboard, which lists Project Budgets, Total Invoiced and Total Proposed financials. Our accountants are able to view more detailed entries for Product Revenue, Designer Fee Revenue, Labor, Shipping, Time Billing and Total of Purchase Orders.

Ivy Accounting

Traditionally Interior designer are very creative, however, they usually do no did not know how to create various financial documents. That’s where our elite team of Atlanta CPAs and the Ivy software can step in and help prepare these documents for your review. Financial records details project revenues, hours billed, fee for hours billed and markup revenue. The status of the invoices included open documents, invoice number, project and due date. Our accountants are able to view open and paid invoices bar graphs, at a glance. All of the essential financial data is easy to access and visible. For example, interior designers can request a flat fee or percentage deposit. One click PDF creation creates professional-looking documents. Once a proposal is approved, Ivy automatically turns it into an invoice or purchase order.

Tax Planning Features

Our seasoned outsourced accountants are able to use the tax planning and preparation features to add or remove various taxes. For instance they can use the "Add A New Sales Tax" feature to add a city name, agency and rate. They are also able to use the system to determine if an item or shipping was taxable.

Does Ivy Integrate with QuickBooks?

Fortunately, Ivy's QuickBooks online integration is easy to achieve. All you need to do is go to Ivy Account Settings. Click on "Connect to QuickBooks." At the bottom of the screen, it will say that you are "Synced Successfully" and a QuickBooks tab will be added when it's ready. Click on the QuickBooks tab to map Ivy categories. The system recommends Ivy categories for QuickBooks recognized income and expense accounts (i.e. Ivy Expense Costs become Expenses Expenses Account in QuickBooks.) The QuickBooks online integration takes out the guess work, making our CPA's jobs much easier. Once synced, Ivy will update your QuickBooks account automatically. The one click functionality was one of the best Ivy software features. Our knowledgeable CPAs can simply click on a feature and copy it directly it into the Ivy Account. The entire system was easy to use, flexible and streamlined important accounting tasks to save everyone valuable time.


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