Is Your Accounting Business for Sale in Queens, NY?

Is Your Accounting Business for Sale in Queens, NY?

Do you have an accounting business for sale by owner in Queens, NY? Maybe you are looking to sell as part of your strategic exit plan? Or do you see no other way to recoup than selling your firm or merging with another successful firm? It is important to work with experienced advisors for greater peace of mind.

Placing your business for sale in Queens is a big step. Therefore, before you begin, you need to ask yourself a few questions to ensure it's the right choice for you.

Is the Stress of Hiring and Retaining Employees Stressing You Out?

A business is only as successful as its employees; however, you have to go through a lot of ill-matched employees before you find the perfect matches, which takes time.

And quite often, even after you have finally found the employees of your dreams, it doesn't mean they will stay long term - sending you right back to the drawing board, which can be frustrating.

So, if you are experiencing high employee turnovers, or you are having a hard time maintaining clients, and it is becoming stressful, then selling your accounting firm may be something to consider.

Does the Future of Your Firm Look Dim?

The wide availability of DIY accounting and tax software has many individuals performing many of their own accounting services, which can leave your accounting firm scrambling to compete.

Furthermore, the current state of the economy has many businesses barely able to keep their doors open, let alone able to afford expert accounting services, which may also cause you to question the future of your business as a tax firm.

Therefore, if your firm is struggling to survive, or you simply want to get out before the future draws near, then selling may be for you.

Are You Tired of Working Extended Hours Every Week?

Running an accounting firm takes strict dedication, which often requires you to work long hours, and even after hours, to maintain your reputation. Not to mention, when your employees fall short, or you are short-staffed, it is up to you to fill in the gaps, which can leave you overworked and alienated from your loved ones.

If this has become your story, and you would like to change the narrative, then selling your accounting business may be a way to help preserve your personal life.

Merging with a More Structured Firm

In other cases, your business might be doing great, but you lack what you need to take it to the next level, in which case, you may consider a merger. Merging with a more prominent accounting firm can provide you with additional resources and expertise that you may otherwise not have access to on your own, which can help keep you in the game and free up time for other endeavors.

Fusion CPA is a CPA firm located in Atlanta, GA that has been providing expert bookkeeping, tax planning and prep, and CFO advisory services for small to mid-sized businesses in various industries, including Real Estate, Law, Marketing/Advertising, and more.

With our many years and levels of experience, we can help ensure your business sale or merger is a smooth transaction and that you receive acceptable terms.

For more ways we can help you, feel free to reach out to us and save the trouble of putting up the "business for sale in queens NY by owner" ad!


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