Invoicing made simple

The most important task is the same for every business owner regardless of what type of business you own. That task being, getting paid for the goods or services that you provide your clientele. Cash flow is non-existent without revenue collection. Invoicing customers is a much easier process now in QuickBooks Online.

In the past, invoicing meant performing the following steps for each invoice:

  • · Create Invoice
  • · Send client invoice
  • · Record sale in AR Ledger
  • · Receive payment
  • · Match payment to outstanding invoice
  • · Record payment received
  • · Deposit check in Bank

Today with the help of QBO this process can be reduced to the following:

  • · Create invoice - This invoice is automatically emailed to client
  • Accept matched transaction from bank feed.

The invoice that is created in QBO is emailed to the customer and the customer has the ability to click on the payment button in the emailed invoice and pay directly online. Not only does this dramatically streamline the process, but since everything is contained and maintained in QBO errors and omissions are virtually eliminated.

If you would like to discuss the details of setting up online invoicing in QBO, give us a call and let us help you on the right track. While we're based here in Atlanta, we serve clients nationwide.


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