Running an international company is challenging enough when it comes to maintaining adherence to stated missions, sales, and manufacturing targets. But for most owners and managers of international corporations, the overarching consideration is tax planning.

Having to deal with IRS regulations and U.S. tax laws is one thing. But what if your business has major markets in one, two, three, or more foreign nations? You'll need to navigate the complicated morass of multiple tax codes, some of which allow deductions and credits based on what you pay in your home country and in other international domains. The time demands of international accounting can be enough to cut into all your other responsibilities.

Where To Begin

Few companies have the high-level internal resources to stay up to speed on multinational tax issues, changing regulations, and legal decisions. But how can you create a comprehensive strategy for dealing with the web of questions about international tax requirements? The answer for so many of the world's top corporations is to hire expert help.

Just as global companies often outsource their legal and HR departments, they also typically turn to CPA firms who specialize in complex international tax regulations, filings, representation, and planning. The triple goal of most companies usually pertains to minimizing their total tax burden, remaining compliant with the laws of all nations in which they operate, and freeing up the talent and funds needed for constant growth. Tax planning chores are usually at the top of their list of outsourced services. However, when taking this route, it's essential to find the right professional team for support.

What are some of the most common accounting tax services you'll need just to stay compliant in the international marketplace:

  • Assistance with the coordination of all corporate tax issues
  • Finding the right entity structure that makes sense for profits and compliance
  • Dealing with all filing issues related to transfer pricing
  • Accounting consultation pertaining to OVDP (Offshore Voluntary Disclosure Program)
  • Equalization of corporate taxes as well as planning with regard to various tax treaties
  • Coordination of local, state, international and other tax strategies
  • Advisory services related to every major transaction
  • IFRS and GAAP compliant reviews and full-scale audits of the company's financial statements
  • Business, financial, and standard taxation consulting services
  • BEPS (base-erosion profit sharing guidance)

How To Proceed

Fusion CPA, an Atlanta-based CPA firm, has the experience that counts when it comes to creating your international company tax planning strategy. Our goal is to partner with international companies and meet their needs based on corporate size, products, services, and unique organizational missions.

When it comes to international companies — tax planning strategies can make all the difference. Leave it to our seasoned team of accountants to create and maintain a plan that works for you. The key points to keep in mind are how to minimize taxes in the long run and how to be compliant day by day. You can get relief from trying to understand tax planning issues in multi-national jurisdictions. We also offer bookkeeping, and CFO business advisory for international companies as our mission here at Fusion CPA is to provide the team, tools, and expertise required to help you reach your goals. You can learn more about our services by clicking the button below to schedule a complimentary discovery call today!


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