Construction project planning, bid management, field productivity measurement, construction company tax planning, resource management and a host of other metrics can mean hours of work for general contractors and specialty contractors on jobs large and small. Just keeping an eye on field productivity, for example, can be a job in itself. A common solution for many companies is to hire a construction company business/ advisor and who can help bring all the pieces of the puzzle together. Fortunately, there are also a few software systems on the market that offer solutions.

Prices range from free to pricey, and quality is in the same range but not always tied to price. In fact, some of the most competitively priced products do the best job of total project management. Software has its place and isn't meant to act as a substitute for construction company CFO advisory services, for example, or stand-in for a construction company CPA.

But Procore, one of the more able of the current offerings, can help you create all the documentation you need to work with construction company financial advisers when the time comes to do tax filings, long-range planning, and other management tasks. Construction company CFO advisory services often include work directly with software similar Procore's database in order to extract key metrics for multiple accounting duties. So, the purpose of the software is to make everything more efficient across the board for all players.

What Procore Can Do

The Procore software package offers an all-in-one project management solution that is fully adaptable for builders of all sizes, is cloud-based, and offers excellent customer support for the price. If you are willing to pay the price for one of the best products in this space, and aren't afraid to take the time to learn Procore's features, then it can serve your needs quite well. Here are some of the chief features that attract construction professionals:

  • Allows for easy collaboration between sub-and general contractors, both in terms of email records and submittal logs.

  • The uncluttered, intuitive user-interface is simple and allows for quick access to various forms of job data

  • It's easy to use and exceptionally mobile

  • Allows managers the ability to follow multiple projects from a single screen

  • The company provides strong training for new customers and backs it all up with ongoing customer service that is both personal and personable

  • Constant upgrades and improvements by Procore are offered to users at no extra cost

  • Scheduling and data search functions are seamless and easy to use

  • Handles submittals, RFIs, approvals, work-flows, contact management, and overall project management functions well

  • Offers a "drawing revision" function that is unavailable in many of its competitors

  • Makes it simple to follow project history from bid to punch-list to close-out.

Depending on your specific needs, Procore is almost endlessly adaptable and should not be viewed as a product aimed only at large construction entities. In fact, even small sub-contractors use it to their advantage for adding precision and efficiency to any number of jobs.

The Next Step

The first step toward successful business management is financial management. For this reason, we at Fusion CPA offer a wide range of services, including construction company tax planning, construction company bookkeeping, CFO advisory for construction companies and more. Our goal is to help you identify unique opportunities in your industry that can result in revenue growth and maximize efficiencies. For example, part of our construction company financial advisory service is recommending high-quality software like Procrore that can help revolutionize the way you operate your company. You can learn more about our services by clicking the button below to schedule a complimentary discovery call today!


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