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Improving Marketing Initiatives & Accounting Functions With Marketo

In the world of brick-and-mortar retail stores, location is usually everything. As an E-commerce merchant looking to build a website or looking to migrate your existing e-commerce site to a different location, you should be highly concerned with the platform you choose as your primary marketing tool. The technical build of an e-commerce platform will usually affect everything from development to growth to marketing strategies. Marketo is a tool that e-commerce professionals have been using to gain digital marketing success, regardless of the e-commerce platform you use.

What is Marketo?

Marketo is a marketing automation software that can help organizations measure and automate your marketing engagement. It sells marketing automation software to B2B and B2C marketers with the goal of helping these marketers target qualified leads and produce revenue opportunities.

Here are the three primary groups that may benefit from using Marketo:

· marketing practitioners looking to get marketing campaigns off the ground while building nurturing strategies

· sales representatives who are now required to have a clear insight into the digital behavior of prospective clients. Marketo allows sales reps to have more contextual engagement with potential clients

· marketing executives looking to see the correlation between marketing investments, revenue, and sales pipeline

Here at Fusion CPA, we have a team of eCommerce PaaS financial advisers that have helped many clients use Marketo to make wise decisions based on your bookkeeping goals. When properly used, Marketo may help firms balance the amount of money you spend on marketing with what you earn from customers. It can also help them make quicker tax planning decisions.

The Benefits of Automated Digital Engagement Management

Marketo may help you keep track of each digital interaction you have with your customers, measure these interactions, and then use this information to change how you engage with your customers or with your audience.B2B marketers usually have more control over their relationship with potential buyers from the get-go using Marketo. Potential buyers usually do their own research using a variety of digital tools, including email, social media, and digital advertising. Marketo allows you to have more control of your own message by managing all of that digital information before trying to close a deal with customers.

Being able to keep track of communications with customers should make eCommerce business tax planning easier. If there is any question about what expense is connected to what customer, having a full record of past conversations and interactions may help clarify this.

One of the key features of Marketo is its engagement hub. This is where customer data is curated based on several digital touchpoints within the Marketo software ecosystem. Marketers can create cross-channel and personalized campaigns automatically based on analytical information, such as information stored in a company’s eCommerce PaaS bookkeeping records. What’s more machine learning helps Marketo create individualized content delivery strategies designed to increase revenue.

Making Marketing Decisions With Financial Experts

In a large number of companies marketing and accounting, operations are intrinsically linked to each other. At Fusion CPA our eCommerce company PaaS CPAs understand the connection between accounting and marketing decisions. When you talk to an eCommerce company accountant at Fusion CPA, you are talking to a specialist who aims to help you make sense of your marketing expenditures and revenue. Our goal is to help help you chart a course that allows you to make the best use of your marketing budget. Part of the eCommerce PaaS CFO business advisory service we offer is helping your team understand how to get the most out of technology like Marketo and then use the information garnered to help create tailored eCommerce business tax planning strategies. You can learn more about our services by clicking the button below to schedule a complimentary discovery call today!


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