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Improve Your Tax Law Firm Management With ZolaSuite

While not a full replacement for professional CFO business advisory for tax law firms, Zola offers well-rounded options for any firm that wants to ramp up its document management and accounting software options. Zola is not a stand-alone substitute for a seasoned tax law firm CPA, but the software offers solid security, competitive pricing, and well-rated support.

In addition to unlimited storage, Zola is as sync and integration-friendly as they come in this space. There are also three pricing plans to accommodate individual users, enterprises, and "enterprise-plus" level entities. The software makes chores your tax law firm tax planning, scheduling, creation of client-intake forms, easier to execute.

What Can Zola Do for Tax Law Firms?

Here's a quick overview of how Zola makes helps to streamline and accelerate accounting processes for tax law firms:

  • Routine bookkeeping: Bookkeeping for tax law firms can be a chore. Zola's "basic bookkeeping" function was designed to relieve you of the worry associated with this often complex task. You'll be able to keep tabs on every one of your operating accounts and reconcile final balances easily and quickly. There are dozens of procedural nuances when it comes to accounting for tax law firms, and Zola handles this one quite well.
  • Full accounting: Zola won't take the place of an accountant for tax law firms, but its full accounting feature has the potential to act as a stand-alone software for the entire accounting function.
  • Billing: You can send invoices or bills directly from the software.
  • Online payment solutions: Payment processing is included and is cloud-based for streamlined operation.
  • Invoicing: Create multiple invoice formats and send them from the software.
  • Document management: You can easily add any documents mid-task and connect them to a case or matter.
  • Reporting and workflow management: You can keep all colleagues up-to-date on cases and generate automated tasks for one or more people on your system.
  • Versatility: Works with mobile and computer, along with touch-authentication ID for all mobile apps.
  • Document assembly: Include full functionality for versioning, security, commenting, one-click email, document sharing, and more.
  • Additional features: Also included are text messaging, calendar conflict resolution and checking, trust-related accounting, matter and case management, task management, and timekeeping.

Get Professional Help: Seamless Accounting Technology Implementation

Atlanta-based Fusion CPA offers a range of financial services for corporate and individual clients, including accounting software setup/implementation for tax law firms. Our accountants are knowledgable of various cutting edge legal practice management solutions, like ZolaSuite, and can implement them without a hassle. We also provide CFO business advisory for tax law firms, and one aspect of our CFO advisory is recommending software like ZolaSuite to help transform the overall business strategy of our clients.

Our team members are always happy to be of service. We are here at your convenience to discuss specific needs to help you maximize efficiencies. You can learn more about our services by clicking the button below to schedule a complimentary discovery call today!


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