You likely know about precision if you run a surgical practice. That's exactly why you may be interested in upgrading to something like Sage Intacct for your surgery practice accounting. This platform delivers sharp, highly customized features for handling all aspects of bookkeeping, accounting, tax planning, and growth. Discover what this platform brings to the table from the perspective of medical practice financial advisers.

The Big Upgrade to Sage Intacct For Your Surgery Practice Accounting

The medical industry is experiencing exceptional change regarding the sharing and usage of data. So, getting left behind with clunky, inefficient accounting software may be a real concern for practices trying to maintain growth and profitability. Sage Intacct shines with help from its dazzling dashboards that provide real-time access to metrics. Here's what feature Sage Intacct offers for bookkeeping for countless surgical practices:

  • may help Increases understanding of cash flow

  • could possibly save in staffing costs

  • can help to increase accountability

  • increased efficiencies my help lowers tax burden

  • may help to shorten monthly close times

  • reduces manual entries.

Sage Intacct tax planning and accounting tools are fully scalable to meet the size of your surgery practice. What's more, you can expand and populate dashboards and features as your practice evolves or changes strategies. You can also take advantage of smooth access and advanced audit trails across single or multiple offices.

HIPAA-Compliant Healthcare Financials

Many surgical practices may try to "squeeze" their financials into generic platforms. This may be both inefficient and risky. The reason is that most accounting and financial software platforms aren't compatible with the privacy needs of healthcare practices. That means that it can be a constant battle to maintain compliance using features you can't control or regulate. That's exactly why a surgery practice CPA would be quick to point out that this is a HIPAA-compliant platform that can be tailored to fit your needs.

Big Perks for Multi-Location Surgical Centers

Sage Intacct works beautifully at a single-location surgical practice. However, the platform really shows off what it's capable of when used by multi-location entities. Here's what you can do if you run more than one office using Sage Intacct:

  • access a shared chart of accounts

  • centralize accounts payable

  • perform instant, continuous consolidations

  • process payments across all offices

The cohesiveness and accountability needed to maintain integrity across operations is all there. What's more, you're sharing financials across locations with the peace of mind offered by HIPAA-compliant software. Sage Intacct also allows you to access metrics for profitability by location, physician, CPT code, or treatment.

Save Time and Improve Accuracy

Getting started on a path to better financials should be easier with help from Sage Intacct verified implementors. At Fusion CPA, our surgery practice financial advisers offer Sage Intactt implementation. What's more, you will have the assistance of implementors who also can view your practice from the perspective of experienced CPA's. Our team of surgical practice accountants is ready to show you how to make the most of every feature that may help increase cash flow and accountability at your practice. We also offer surgery practice CFO business advisory services designed to help you meet your goals using the best accounting, tax planning, and bookkeeping strategies. So, let's talk about your vision – we are here to guide you through the complex accounting functions that may be required to execute it. You can learn more about our services by clicking the button below to schedule a complimentary discovery call today!


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