Help Me Sell My Accounting Firm in Augusta, Georgia

Help Me Sell My Accounting Firm in Augusta, Georgia

It's no secret that there's currently a glut of accounting firms looking in Augusta, Georgia. You may be at a point where making a strategic exit seems like it may be in your best interest. There are ways to go about selling or merging your firm that will leave you in the best shape possible to retire or move on to the next opportunity. Let's cover what a successful transition might entail.

Why Selling Now Could Be the Right Choice

Competition is a very real part of why your firm may be struggling to retain loyal, lucrative clients. Competition from other firms may also be severely eating into your available talent pool of financial professionals. The reality is that if you don't have top staff, you're not in a position to offer the best accounting and financial services.

You may be at a point where you're realizing that you simply cannot position your firm to be able to offer what's being put out there by larger, more financially fit firms. Of course, maintaining high-level staff means being in the position to offer them competitive salaries, perks, and bonuses that larger firms are able to offer.

You may be in a prime spot to sell or merge your firm if you simply can't strategize your way out of high client and employee churn and turnover. The good news is that your brand history and client list could be valuable to a firm looking to purchase or integrate a smaller firm. What that means for you is an option to sell without the need to continue working long hours on a project that no longer serves you well.

How Can I Sell My Accounting Firm in Augusta, Georgia?

The first step to selling your accounting business in Augusta is simply understanding the market value and placement of your firm. You really have to learn how to see your firm the way a buyer sees your firm. The first consideration is the size of your firm.

Generally, owning a smaller firm can place you at an advantage because buyers will perceive your firm as being easy to "swallow" when integrating your client list and staff. Of course, owning a larger firm does have the potential to leave you with a larger buyout that can fund your next step in life or business.

Fusion CPA is actively seeking to merge with or acquire a tax, accounting, or bookkeeping firm in Augusta, Georgia.

Fusion CPA specializes in smooth transactions. We're a bookkeeping, accounting, CPA, and CFO consultancy firm that blends financial expertise and technology. We use a three-tiered approach when vetting firms for sales and mergers that helps to ensure everyone walks away from the table happy. Here's a look:

  • Phase 1: We evaluate your firm's goals, practices, and workflow.
  • Phase 2: We perform a valuation to help your firm formulate an asking price based on retention rate, lines of business, and specialties.
  • Phase 3: We implement the merger phase up through staff/client transition and post-closing responsibilities.

Fusion CPA understands what it takes to evolve for the changing business and financial landscapes that are present today. Choose us to be the firm that carries the torch for the brand you've put work into building. We streamline and optimize the process of merging or selling your firm in Augusta, Georgia. Simply fill out the form below to begin discussing the possibility of bringing your firm under the Fusion CPA umbrella.


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