Owning a marina business is not an easy job. It requires balancing inventory, locating ships and products, hiring vendors, and controlling payments. Antiquated forms of marina bookkeeping can hinder the accurate management of your business. You could quickly find yourself overwhelmed with the amount of information they needed to monitor and interact with.

FSM Marina Management Software is a multi-platform software that offers a comprehensive set of marina management accounting features. It is available to use on web browsers, mobile devices, and more. It can help you improve the efficiency of your marina management company’s bookkeeping and tax planning. The platform makes use of Microsoft’s secure SQL server database engine, which makes it easy to integrate with a Windows server and workstation software. Furthermore, it can easily be used in a local environment or over Wi-Fi. With FSM, you can also provide access to multiple users to allow them to view your financial information simultaneously wherever they are.

Automate Billing

Billing is one of the most rigorous activities for marina management business owners like you. With some marinas renting out to more than a hundred tenants, having to manage this billing process can be prone to many errors and lapses. With FSM’s auto-billing feature, you are assured that invoices are sent to your clients at the end of the month or whatever period you set. Besides auto-billing, FSM also offers an excellent auto-payment feature. With this feature, you can avoid missing deadlines that may significantly affect your credit. It can also help you better manage your cash as payables are always liquidated on the day you schedule.

FSM’s e-Statements provide you an accurate view of the current status and performance of your marina management business. These reports include inventory reports, General Ledger, income reports, and more. Our team of marina management business’ financial advisers is able to help you make sense of these reports. We can also help you formulate business policies to help you increase efficiency in your marina management business.

Efficient Monitoring and Payment Integrations

As a comprehensive marina management software, FSM Marina Management Software lets you do more than just monitor finances. With the platform, you can accurately record and visually monitor the vessels in your wet storage docks. Additionally, FSM features handheld computer dock checks that include meter readings and dry stack rack management.

Having to deal with vessels from across the world, being able to monitor and receive payments from a variety of sources is a must for your marina management businesses. These vessels are owned by individuals who often bank with different sets of financial institutions. Fortunately, FSM’s Secure Checking Bank Interface Feature integrates with various payment gateways to let you receive payments of varying currencies and sources.

FSM offers many other features to help you improve your marina management business accounting. These features include:

  • Point-Of-Sale with Inventory Control

  • Boat Renting with Reservations

  • Transit Guest Reservations

  • PCI Compliant Credit Card Payment

Our experienced team of field service CPAs who specialize in marina management business bookkeeping and tax planning can provide you with valuable marina management business firm CFO advisory services. Part of the services we offer includes helping our clients migrate and learn accounting platforms they believe best fit their businesses. Click the button below to schedule a complimentary discovery call with a CPA today!


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