If you're operating a healthcare business, you may be focusing on a specific niche or offer a wide variety of health and wellness products. Like any company, making sure your business thrives, depends on multiple checks and balances within your business. One of these areas includes how you keep track of your inventory and accounting. To assist with this process and make it more efficient, you may want to incorporate inventory management software and Fishbowl is a great option in that arena. It lets you track your orders and understand the level of products you have in stock for potential customers. Fishbowl is an inventory management software for health care businesses that also integrates with QuickBooks Online. It can aid in eliminating the challenges you may have with your healthcare business bookkeeping.

Keeping Track of Your Inventory

Operating a healthcare business requires you to acquire inventory, which might include supplements, vitamins or other types of health and wellness products. When these items are delivered to your warehouse, you'll need to record each transaction to keep a detailed record of your current supply. Fishbowl allows you to do this seamlessly, which helps with the inventory costing method you're using. You'll have a clear picture of beginning inventory levels, net purchases and your goods available for sale. These figures give you an inventory amount and the cost of goods sold whenever a transaction is created. This data is essential for keeping track of these areas in QuickBooks Online. Fortunately, QuickBooks Online integrates with Fishbowl to make this process even more expedient and efficient. If you'd like assistance with this, you may want to consider using a healthcare business accountant who has expertise and experience with this process.

Paying Wholesalers and Vendors

In some cases, for your health care business, you may create products out of raw materials. Whether you participate in this activity or purchase products you're going to sell from one or more wholesalers, you need to pay them correctly and timely. The Fishbowl inventory management software makes this easier for accountants to accomplish. Our accountants can organize ach incoming item associated with your specific vendors or wholesale, which can be used by later to properly populate your healthcare business bookkeeping ledger.

Selling and Shipping Your Healthcare Products

Every time you sell a product, it benefits your bottom line. The Fishbowl inventory management software for health care businesses can assist with this process. By placing all of your warehouse data into an organized, central area, it allows you to manage each order efficiently and quickly. This healthcare inventory management software can be beneficial when batch picking products and making sure each product is accounted for correctly. This assistance can come in handy when you need to examine your sales and expenses to evaluate your healthcare business tax planning strategy. If you're not already doing this, you might want to consider getting help. Our team of highly experienced CPAs can aid you in creating a healthcare business tax planning strategy that will safeguard against not having enough funds available when it's time to pay your taxes.

Examination and Analysis

Turnover rates and forecasting is needed for future sales and is an essential factor of your business. Examining and analyzing these components can provide valuable insights into your top sellers. The Fishbowl healthcare inventory management software offers useful reports for this data. You'll know when you are running low on a product and how fast it's moving off your shelves. To assist with this type of planning and dive deep into ways you can increase profits, you may want to use our healthcare business CFO advisory service and get assistance from one of our healthcare business financial advisers. Their knowledge and expertise can help you with product positioning or capacity decisions. By conducting cycle counting and looking at the carrying cost of your inventory, our experts can give you a more transparent picture of the detailed costs that can end up making or breaking your business in the long run. Utilizing our healthcare business CFO advisory service and the experience of our healthcare business financial advisers can be the advantage you need to pursue growth and avoid common pitfalls.

Likely, you can see how Fishbowl can play an essential role in the accounting requirements of your company. You'll have access to each transaction quickly and can analyze your results and progress efficiently, which can be beneficial for reaching short-term and long-term financial goals. Pairing this solution with a healthcare business accountant here at Fusion CPA can add even more assurance that your accounting is being done correctly. You can learn more about our services by clicking the button below to schedule a complimentary discovery call today!


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