A CRM platform with accounting capabilities included is very important if you're an insurance agency since offering different policies and payment plans to customers is always part of your business. Fusion CPA offers a wide variety of accounting services and specialists, and we've worked pretty closely with insurance clients in keeping their finances organized. One development you may not have been aware of that's streamlining insurance accounting is the new integration of EZLynx with QuickBooks Online to build a new platform that can make accounting much easier for agencies.

As a CRM platform, EZLynx is most known for its rating engine which is what most agencies and quote providers use to offer quotes to consumers based on the data they enter in the fields. But it's also now become a full platform where you can follow up on customer leads and then issue regular billing and documents to them and manage your general ledger thanks to the QBO integration. Our team of knowledgable CPAs is fully equipt to assist you with integrating your EZLynx and QuickBooks Online account. With this integration, we are able to breakdown where your cash flow should be directed and then provide you with a long-term view of where your profits and losses will take you.

What's great about the new combined platform is you no longer have to copy all your customer sales data or scramble through all your accounts payable statements to manually create statements in QuickBooks because with basically just a click of a button, your EZLynx account, and QBO account will merge automatically. Entries from the EZLynx interface will then transfer into the QBO interface, though you can choose how to do this. You can either have every transaction that happens become entered into the ledger immediately or if it makes it easier to balance the books by taking them one set of data at a time, you can have the entries delivered in batches into the ledger interface.

It doesn't stop with your CRM, accounts payable and accounts receivable. You also have interfaces for your employees' payroll, tracking sales tax, generating reports on demand and even app tracking. There are many situations when having your reports on hand are critical and can avoid trouble such as applying for a business loan or having an internal audit conducted, and hiring our accountants to manage your reports can save you a lot of hassle getting them. If you're ready to see how a reliable CRM platform integrated with accounting can help your insurance company, you should get in touch with Fusion CPA today.


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