Bill Gates has executive presence. So did John Wooden.

Even though these are two very different people, they both had that confidence and composure that allowed them to connect with others.

What determines executive presence? Trust, Credibility, Integrity, Action, Leadership

One day you as the CEO, CFO, COO, CMO, etc may need executive presence to get venture capital for your business, motivate your staff or get a promotion. How important is presence?

In a survey conducted by Gartner, it was second on the list of the top 20 leadership traits that make a difference.

Listed below are key traits professionals with strong executive presence display

· Operate for the good of the whole organization, not just for yourself or favored individuals

· Take action

· Believe in yourself

· Speak clearly, strong and decisive voice tone

· Show uncommon appreciation

· Speak to inspire others to give their best

· Know what you bring to the table that is different and valuable

· Be able to make strong decisions

· Develop a reputation as one who gets results, is a thought leader

· Embrace change

· Be a class act

The good news is executive presence can be developed. You should have a high level of self-confidence and expect to deal with unpredictable situations that come with executive leadership responsibilities. A recommendation is asking two or three people you trust to offer honest feedback; looking for opportunities to hone your presentation skills, as public speaking is an important executive requirement; and developing other skills like listening, thinking and speaking on your feet, or maintaining composure—and leveraging them.


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