The Entrepreneurs' Organization is an entrepreneur network that proudly serves thousands of business owners in a variety of markets. Since 1987, EO has been successfully structuring programs for efficacious entrepreneurs in 54 countries and 173 chapters. The EO has more than 13,000 members across the globe and over 150 of those members are right here in Atlanta. This organization fosters an environment where entrepreneurs can come together and learn from each other which inevitably leads to greater business success.

The EO staff provides a plethora of resources to help new businesses thrive in various areas. During the journey, the teams educate entrepreneurs and inspire leaders by designing helpful business events and informative leadership programs that focus on development. EO has one goal throughout all phases of the training process, which is to give entrepreneurs all the tools that they will need to run and grow a successful business.

The 150 plus EO members in the Atlanta marketplace rely on EO to help them advance their businesses. As dedicated CPAs who are members of the Entrepreneurs' Organization, we are very passionate about our role in advising entrepreneurs on:

· Entrepreneurial tax planning

· Tiered structure and intercompany accounting

· Financial revenue growth and expense management accountability strategies

Our team of CPAs consider key numerical and talent assets that affect a business's growth. We help business owners make smart investments by providing entrepreneurs with their ideal CPA, bookkeeping and accounting teams.


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