Efficient Accounting With Zola Suite Legal Software

Intellectual Property Law Firm Accountants

For a law firm owner, proper bookkeeping and accounting management is crucial to the profitability and overall operation of a business. It also promotes good practice management. Our law firm CPAs strive to equip law firms with the right tools, including Zola Suite legal software. This is to help you excel and achieve your financial goals. Additionally, we take a systematic approach to accounting integrations that are configured to produce exceptional tracking capabilities.

Zola Suite creates a single source of truth for law firms by combining a powerful accounting system, the best case management capabilities, and a fully integrated email client. All tools are native to the platform, providing complete interoperability and a robust integrated legal practice platform. Some benefits of using Zola Suite include, attorneys and paralegals no longer having to spend an extensive amount of time calculating costs and time. You can also choose your round-up increments on a per matter basis, increasing the accuracy and reliability of your records. The Zola Suite platform is designed to make law firm accounting duties as effective and cost-effective as possible. Our seasoned law firm accountants rely on systems like Zola Suite to streamline our accounting tasks. Our reliable law firm accountants are on a mission to free law firms of the drudgery of using external applications that reduce efficiency.

Zola Suite Accounting for Legal Software

Zola Suite Legal Software Bookkeeping

Zola Suite provides our bookkeepers access to the account activity of major financial institutions. Accounts payable checks and trust checks are processed with ease. Along with this, the capability to perform batch billing, and process payments. Zola Suite legal software allows law firms like yours to bill multiple clients seamlessly. Time entries are automatically created. Subsequently, you are able to use these time entries to create invoices. These invoices can then be blasted out through the system simultaneously via email, shared through Zola Suites’ secure client portal, or printed in bulk.

With a dedicated Android and iOS app, you can access all of your data on the go. You can even start a matter-related timer on your smartphone with a single click. This feature is great whenever you have to suddenly move locations. Calendar events can also be designated as billable time and activities (from the all-encompassing activity log). Task entries can also be converted to time entries, so you never forget to bill for your work. Here is an example of how the versatility of Zola Suite legal software bookkeeping saves time and streamlines a large number of billing tasks.

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Zola Suite’s Quickbooks Accounting Integration At Work

Fusion CPA’s experienced team of law firm bookkeepers offers a variety of accounting services for small and mid-sized businesses. Our law firm CPAs provide legal billing and accounting software for law firms that need a proprietary system for generating highly customizable invoices. Our team is able to provide attorneys with financial efficiency and efficient strategies that will help them maximize their revenue.

While Zola Suite has a fully robust accounting system developed exclusively for law practices, we recognize that some firms like to use Quickbooks so Zola Suite legal software offers an efficient QBO integration. Zola Suite’s QuickBooks Online accounting integration allows our CPAs to streamline law firm accounting tasks with efficiencies like the ability to view law firm financial data in real-time. This allows our law firm bookkeepers to be able to reconcile data between the two platforms to allow a seamless transition.

High-Tech Law Firm Tax Planning

Our experienced team of law firm tax planning specialists is able to rely on the revenue metrics that are shared between Zola Suite and Quickbooks Online to create customized tax strategies for law firms. Having a tax strategy in place that is designed specifically for your business where the goal is to maximize savings is extremely important in order to have a profitable business. When advising law firms on the importance of tax planning, our law firm accountants always convey that accurate and reliable accounting using the latest software technology is a huge aspect of streamlining this process.

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