Eaglesoft: Streamlining Dental Accounting

Compiling all of our client's financial information onto one screen was one of the primary benefits of using Eaglesoft software. Our dental accounting and tax specialists are able to gain a more complete understanding of our clients accounts payables and accounts receivables. We can provide in-depth financial services using the line item accounting, smart invoices and bulk payment features of the Eaglesoft dental software.

Comprehensive Display

It is easy to miss the "forest for the trees" when reconciling the financials of dental firms. Dentists have a lot to manage with their patients, equipment and financials. Thankfully, our dental practice accountants can view the bills and payments in one simple display with Eaglesoft's enhanced accounting features. We saved a lot of time because Eaglesoft listed Walkout, Adjustment and Payments in the same display. Dentists are able to (or as Eaglesoft calls the process - "dock") accounts on the screen, so they can easily move from patient to patient.

Line Item Accounting

We did not need to reinvent the wheel with Eaglesoft. The software used accounting terms that we were all familiar with. Our dental practice bookkeepers can use the Eaglesoft Line Item Accounting to track services, charges and payments at a quick glance. We can also create reports for our dental practice clients listing all patients with outstanding balances.

Smart Invoices

Not everyone pays with dental insurance. Most dentists would prefer this method, but that is simply reality. Eaglesoft understands this and enabled us to track when a payment was made in combinations of cash and credit cards. This dental accounting software can even divide the payments amongst single or multiple family members. This combined Walkout Process helps organize a dentist's clients. Our dentistal practice clients can easily create claims for those with dental insurance for one service or multiple services. Eaglesoft makes it easy for our knowledgeable accountants to facilitate our clients when there are issues with unpaid invoices. We can highlight the transactions in the account ledger and then click on Smart Invoice. This automatically selects the correct invoice for our purposes. Our dentists clients like the reports that we can create with Eaglesoft. They can give us the data parameters and we could plug them in. The platform provides numerous options for filtering the data, and we can isolate data and run the reports for specific dates.

Bulk Payments

We can display a complete list of open claims, process payments and enter account notes with the Bulk Payment feature in Eaglesoft. The Eaglesoft accounting features must have been built from an accountant’s perspective because it made our tasks easier. We could use line item accounting, smart invoices and QuickBooks online integration to help complete our dental clients' financial reports.


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