If you are a small business owner, you know how daunting of a task accounting for all your finances can be. You also probably understand that such tasks consume valuable time that could be otherwise spent scaling your business. Thanks to platforms such as Divvy, keeping up with expense records has never been easier. With help from our team of small business accountants and unique platforms such as Divvy, we can help get your financials back on track.

Tracking Expenses

When using Divvy, you can easily track all expenses using their expense management platform. You’re also able to see a detailed breakdown of how much you have spent between the different facets of your business. Moreover, you can generate accurate expense reports with ease. Its automated software, along with the accounting integration with QuickBooks Online, creates expense reports without having the user manually input the data. This cuts down on time and resources spent accounting for your business expenses and leaves you with more time to grow your business.

Bookkeeping Made Easy

Is your small business’ bookkeeping overwhelming you and your team? If you yearn for small business your bookkeeping with sheer simplicity, you are in the right place. Our knowledgeable small business accountants are here to provide you with all of the bookkeeping support you need. Divvy’s accounting integration capabilities with QuickBooks Online ensures that your financial records are accurate and intact. When the two platforms are integrated all of your business expenses flow seamlessly from your QuickBooks Online database to Divvy, allowing our team of small business accountants to accurately account for several aspects of your company and perform tasks such as reconciling bank statements and preparing monthly profit and loss statements.

Tax Planning and Preparation

When operating your small business, it is vital to understand the tax codes in your given jurisdiction. Fortunately, our small business tax planning specialists are here to help guide you through the process. Using Divvy’s integration capabilities with QuickBooks Online, we are able to pull key information about your company (expenses, invoices, etc.) and create a consistent and ongoing tax planning strategy. This can protect you from the possibility of incurring any unnecessary penalties from the government and potentially put more money back in your pocket. If you are a small business owner looking to shift bookkeeping and tax preparation responsibilities to an outsourced firm so that you can focus on scaling your business, the small business tax experts at Fusion CPA could be the company for you.

CFO Advisory Services

One way to help you stay on track of your plan is by allowing our small business financial advisers to provide you with our impartial business advisory services. When you are in the process of scaling your business, you will require the assistance of our small business CFOs to stay on track. Due to Divvy’s accounting integration capabilities with QuickBooks, our team of CPAs are able to provide detailed financial reports utilizing the financial metrics assist you through contract negotiation, product positioning and develop financing strategies that will alleviate current issues. Let the financial experts at Fusion CPA help take your business to the next level.


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