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Detroit Pistons Georgia State Tax Calculations

The Atlanta Hawks are hosting the Detriot Pistons tonight. This means that the state of Georgia will be able to collect state tax obligations from all of the active Detriot Pistons players. These tax contributions are very beneficial to the state of Georgia's economy and can really boost the state’s community impact. Our Atlanta sports tax CPAs have projected what the top six earning Detriot Pistons players approximate Georgia state tax obligations.

What is the NBA athlete state tax obligation formula?

  • [(The player’s bi-weekly pay) / (number of games played during the pay period) * (state tax percent)]

According to the 6 top-earning players and their salaries are:

  • Blake Griffin currently makes about $32MM

  • Andre Drummond currently makes about $25MM

  • Reggie Jackson currently makes about $17MM

  • Jon Leuer currently makes about $10MM

  • Langston Galloway currently makes about $7MM

  • Ishmael Smith currently makes about $6MM

NBA teams are paid bi-weekly so that is roughly 13 checks in a season. In order to complete the tax calculations, we also need to know how many games are played during that pay cycle. Let’s assume that the Pistons are being paid today for the 7 games they played over the last 2 weeks. Since we know that the Georgia state tax is calculated at 6% we can now configure how much the 6 highest Detriot Pistons players will approximately owe the state of Georgia.

  • Blake Griffin will owe Georgia approximately $20,373

  • Andre Drummond will owe Georgia approximately $16,148

  • Reggie Jackson will owe Georgia approximately $10,821

  • Jon Leuer will owe Georgia approximately $6,350

  • Langston Galloway will owe Georgia approximately $4,444

  • Ishmael Smith will owe Georgia approximately $3,809


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