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Dentrix: Quickbooks Online Integration Dental Accounting

The Dentrix software has made it easier for our Atlanta dental practice accountants and tax specialists to track the financial performance of our dental practice clients. Dentrix has created a comprehensive solution providing us with billing, collections and metrics functionality to complete our tasks. Dental practices are able to reconcile discrepancies in patient account balances using the advanced features of this dental software.

Reconciling Dental Patient Payments

The Dentrix software allows our dental practice accountants to better organize our dental client's financials. The PowerPayLE EMV and iPP320 device enables dentistal practices to process credit cards, PIN debit and flex spending cards. This makes it easier for customers to pay their bills. Dentists can create invoices faster, so they will be paid faster. Dentrix is able to support patients with or without insurance coverage. The improved cash flow makes it less challenging for our Atlanta dental practice CPAs to balance our clients books. Dentists use Dentrix to track electronic claim submissions and payments. The software allows us to simply verify whether a payment type was cash, cheque, credit card, insurance or collections.

Making Financial Adjustments

Dentrix allows dentists to group financial transactions by collections or production totals, and easily make adjustments to the totals. These might include sales tax, charges or credits. You can also divide charges by type, such as finance or late. If the patient had an NSF check or NSF bank fee, that can also be document. The Dentrix eCentral Insurance Manager is an eService that monitors reimbursements in real-time. Our clients are able to verify whether a claim was accepted or denied. This was a good way for our dental practice accountants to double-check processed payments. The eSync feature prevents duplication of records. This insurance information is also delivered to the Dentrix Appointment Book, Document Center and Patient File. The automatic data backup feature reduces the number of lost or misapplied payments.

Tax Preparation and Forecasting

When it is time to prepare taxes for dental practices, all of the information was easy to find, verify and cross-reference. The Dentrix QuickBill feature allows dental practices to send single invoices or batches. The features are customizable to be able to create a more efficient workflow. The Business Intelligence features can be used to assist our dentistal clients profitability. For example we are able to assess their KPI metrics and structure a strategic financial forecast, and improve their firm’s cash flow.

Connect Directly into QuickBooks

As powerful as Dentrix is, our Atlanta dental practice cpas still use QuickBooks for some of our most important reports. Thankfully, Dentrix has supreme QuickBooks Online integration, which you can access through its Office Manager. Our elite Atlanta CPAs are able to help dental practices integrate the Dentrix software into their Quickbooks Online account. Dentrix Business Intelligence functionality is most useful for some of our dental clients, which were struggling with profitability. Accounting tasks are easier to complete partly due to all of the financial data being well-organized in the Dentrix system.


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