An attorney barely has time to stop and eat his or her lunch much less keep up with every minute of their schedule. Since attorneys are traditionally paid by the hour incorrect time reporting can negatively affect a law firm’s bottom line. Our law firm CPAs decided to review CosmoLex as it’s a powerful time management and record keeping tool. It can contribute to the longevity of a law firm.

CosmoLex Review by CPAs

Law firm accounting software is an essential piece of the legal landscape. There was perhaps a time when an attorney could try to keep all their appointments and responsibilities written down on paper, but over the years that has proven to be inefficient. Now, a lawyer relies on the law firm’s financial reporting software to alert them to who he or she needs to invoice next.

CosmoLex is one of the premier law firm financial reporting software that many lawyers need to increase their productivity. CosmoLex is endorsed by more than twenty state bar associations and it is used by countless law firm accountants and CPAs. Lawyers identify value in CosmoLex because it makes the process of scheduling their day and juggling clients run smoothly.

Deep-seated Accounting Functions

There are so many pieces of financial information floating around a law office that excellent law firm accounting is a must. Having all records in one place means that there is a decreased chance of losing records or having human error play a big role in the law firm’s financials. The system was created to be a full service accounting platform so there is no need to have multiple applications.

CosmoLex always has their client’s financial needs in mind so they provide free account access for your outsourced accountant. This access enables our team of law practice bookkeepers to easily track client funds, track paid invoices from trust funds, and track billing for matter costs. The CosmoLex software is the ideal law firm total practice manament solution.

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