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CloudLex Streamlining Law Firm Accounting

Getting drowned by your workload could have a downside for your law firm business. Luckily, law firm case management solutions can help you keep track of your cases from beginning to end. CloudLex’s legal case management software was built with the help of dozens of expert criminal and civil case attorneys. The software is filled with features and functionalities that can help you manage and grow your law firm business.

From lead management features like the Intake Manager to medical expenses tracking with the Matter Manager, CloudLex has more features than you can ever ask for. A great law firm software, however, cannot be completed without a great law firm accounting. Our excellent law firm accountants can help you maximize your business’s potential with our topnotch services.

Manage Your Potential Clients And Maximize Your ROI

Sales are the lifeblood of any business. For this reason, it is important that you keep track of your existing and potential customers. CloudLex’s Intake Manager can offer you a comprehensive picture of their customers and how they can turn potential customers to paying clients. CloudLex’s intake form guide makes sure you've got data such as contact information, an injury checklist and specific details for your case.

It also has a built-in expense tracking to help you assess the profitability of each case you are handling. CloudLex’s Intake Manager can also give you reports to determine which marketing strategies are bringing in the most clients with an income versus expense calculator to help you assess your campaigns’ ROI.

ROI or return on investment is a measure of how much you make for every dollar you spend. Here at Fusion CPA, we have expert law firm accountants that can help you raise your ROI through our top-notch law firm financial advisory services. We can also provide you with accurate financial reports through our reliable law firm bookkeeping services.

Get Access To Other Expert Lawyers In Your Field

Another handy feature of CloudLex would be their Referral Engine Application. Using the Referral Engine, you can gain access to other plaintiff attorneys in your field of expertise. The application will allow you to access and share crucial information among other lawyers via a secured and HIPAA-certified server. The Referral Engine by CloudLex provides you an opportunity to grow your business by accepting cases from a greater network.

Another aspect of your business that you need to share with an expert is your law firm tax planning. Our well-trained law firm accountants can help you assess and monitor your custom tax strategy through reliable reports and analytical processes. You can count on us to make sure that you are paying the government what you have to.

Incoming Features That Will Make Your Law Firm Accounting Even Better

CloudLex recently announced the ongoing development of its Business Analytics functionality. The new feature, according to CloudLex, will allow you to determine the profitability of upcoming cases, allowing you to decide if you will take them or not. The feature will also provide you with easy to understand reports and visual representations of your business’s finances.

Our excellent law firm CFO advisory can help you interpret these reports and create actionable business plans for your law firm. We can help you have a solid plan on how you will reach your business’s potential. Additionally, outsourcing your law firm CFO advisory to us will save you tons of money than hiring your own CFO. Call us now if you want to learn more about the services offered by Fusion CPA!


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