Efficient law firm record-keeping is a high priority in the legal profession. Accurately recording and handling client information is a precursor to running a successful law firm. For this reason, you need a law firm accountant who will help preside over your client’s files. Using Case Master Pro, a law firm management platform is a great way to make sure your client’s files are adequately managed.

Managing Your Caseload

Case Master Pro gives users a centralized case management system where they can view all the cases that they are handling. With this technology, law firms don’t have to carry huge chunks of paper when they go to court. With Case Master Pro, you are provided insights on how you can best manage cases in one place. Thus, you will have the ability to check on and update all of the company’s case files more efficiently.

Streamlining Your Law Firm Bookkeeping

Keeping accurate records of all of your firm’s business dealings is important as it’s used to monitor your financial health. Our experienced law firm accountants are here to help you come up with a sustainable bookkeeping strategy for your business with assistance from platforms such as Case Master Pro. Case Master Pro comes equipped with a lot of accounting features such as check printing, trust account reconciliation, court cost invoicing, and currency configurations. In conjunction with Case Master Pro, our law firm accountants are able to complete tasks such as reconciling bank statements, creating cash flow statements, and tracking job progress.

Consistent Law Firm Tax Planning

The last thing any company wants to do is inaccurately file their taxes and risk incurring any major fines or penalties. As a result, the law firm tax planning specialists at Fusion CPA are here to offer advice on keeping your firm compliant with local tax regulations. Case Master Pro’s efficient accounting tool gives us the ability to develop a detailed law firm tax planning strategy for your firm. This will give you an idea of how much of your law firm earnings are going to taxes and how to better position yourself for the following tax year.

Advancing Your Firm Utilizing Law Firm CFO Advisory

When planning out your law firm’s future, it would be advantageous to consult with an expert regarding your company’s finances. For those looking to take that next step, our team of law firm CFO advisors is here to help. Our CFO advisory team can assist with contract negotiation, project consulting and provide you with detailed accounting and finance reports. We can also help you work on improving your law firm’s cash flow and assist you with developing an overall financial strategy for your company through the long and short term. Let our team of experienced professionals here at Fusion CPA assist you with scaling your law firm to new heights.


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