Carestream: Quickbooks Online Integration Dental Accounting

Carestream Dental (CS SoftDent v17) software has been upgraded with a new look, navigation, and functionality. Our dental practice bookkeepers and tax specialists were satisfied with the previous version, but we applaud the additional features of this new-and-improved version. The full suite of industry-leading dental practice management software tools allows our dental practice CPAs to make payments faster, check outstanding balances and compile data in useful reports.

Dental Payment Tools

The maturity of this Carestream Dental software is one of the most appealing features for our dental practice CPAs. There is not just one tool to help you improve your bookkeeping; this is a comprehensive dental practice management system. Dentists have found it easier to manage day-to-day activities. To start, there is a daily overview portal that allows the dentists and dental assistants to view daily tasks on a single screen. This ensures that everyone working within a dental practice is on the same page. The Carestream Dental software office expert can be used to list daily tasks. Multiple dental practice employees can work on the same patient record due to the parallel workflows functionality. The clinical overview tab gives you a comprehensive view of the patient’s most essential characteristics. Each patient treatment can be correlated with each patient payment this helps our Atlanta dental bookkeepers to organize data and easily monitor financial details.

Electronic Solutions Suite

The comprehensive electronics solutions suite of the Carestream Dental software allows dentists and accountants to migrate from paper to digital without any hiccups. The eServices functionality of the Carestream Dental software includes automated statements, backup, eClaims, eForms, ePayments, ePostings, ePrescriptions, eConnections, eVerifications, and syncs with third-party software. Carestream Dental software equips your dental practice with numerous electronic record-keeping tools at your fingertips. These include digital patient record statistics, scanned images, and insurance forms. The charting tools are also very robust. The ePostings functionality enables our dental practice accountants to reconcile payments that were sent directly to a patient’s account. This ensures that payments are properly recorded and completed in real-time. The ePayments credit card processing and online payment services have decreased insurance payment time. Dental practices can use instant billing estimates for PPO, DMO, indemnity plans and uninsured patients. The eForms function allows our efficient accountants to complete paperwork online. All this electronic functionality enables superior Quickbooks online integration. The Carestream Dental software not only has Quickbooks online integration but also allows for data transfer to Excel without a hitch.

Improved Functionality

Our talented dental practice CPAs discovered that nearly all bases have been covered by the latest version of Carestream Dental software (CS SoftDent v17). There is also data backup and recovery services enabled through its eBackup feature. The Carestream Dental software has improved productivity in our dental practice clients’ workforce. The navigation is intuitive and easy to follow. Our Atlanta dental practice clients’ use the clinical treatment plan tool to manage insurance coverage, and they have been able to maximize their practices’ profitability. Our dental practice CPAs enjoy the enhanced efficiency with all the powerful tools that Carestream Dental software offers like the goal tracking feature which can be used to track cash flow. If you want a comprehensive Atlanta dental bookkeeping solution, then Carestream Dental software might be right for you.


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