The Shopify platform has become the leading site building company for e-commerce sites. Shopify hosts over 1 million retail sites for people around the world. It is a cloud-based company that provides just about everything that you need to open an online store quickly.

When you launch a Shopify site, you will have your own domain name. Unlike other selling platforms like eBay or Etsy, where your store is integrated under their name, all Shopify stores are unique in appearance and functionality.

The Shopify app allows you to build your site from scratch using preset themes or styles. You can incorporate all your own artwork and information into your site, or use features offered by Shopify. You will also enjoy a very easy set-up for entering your products.

Launching your own business is very exciting. However, if you are new to e-commerce sites, you may find the entire process overwhelming. To overcome this problem, you are encouraged to take advantage of the 14-day free trial on Shopify.

You do not have to provide any credit card information at the time you apply for the free trial. You will only be asked a few questions about your potential e-commerce site so that the platform can guide you to the right type of setup. Once you have answered these questions, you can begin going through the site and seeing what it has to offer.

During your free trial, you can set up your site and load your inventory. You can explore the management programs so that you can learn how to manage your inventory and shop settings. You can also look at the many add-on programs that may help manage your store.

You will need to look at credit card processing at this time. The Shopify site does offer credit card processing services. Using their services can also eliminate transaction fees charged by the platform when you use a different processing service.

There are many different add-ons available. If you sell on eBay, you can install an add-on to your site that will integrate your store with eBay so that you can actively sell on both platforms at once. You will also find add-ons that can manage shipping, manage inventory, or work with a drop shipping company.

During your free trial period, you can also become more familiar with advertising and promotion costs, establish a blog to compliment your store and learn how to use your site's analytics.

Once your trial is over, you can decide on which level of storefront you wish to launch on Shopify. Shopify offers three levels that have different benefits, such as the option to offer more products, reduced transaction or credit card processing fees, and access to more add-ons.

Now that you have launched your store and you are enjoying the success that it brings, it is time to consider the accounting practices that you will use. Tax obligations must be met, and if you have hired employees to help manage the store, the tax burden and accounting become much more complex.

Fusion CPA offers complete accounting services for e-commerce business owners. We understand the complexity of platforms like Shopify and all related expenses that come with these types of businesses. We can help ensure that your successful business enjoys all of its entitled tax credits and makes sure your taxes are paid on time so that your success is never hindered with tax issues.


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