Software for construction company accounting, and for other types of project-based businesses, can be tough to install, difficult to learn, and a challenge to maintain. Homebuilders and remodelers, architects, engineering firms and others who prefer working with a single-entry estimating system can take advantage of CoConstruct. It streamlines scheduling and can even help out when the time comes to do tax planning for your construction company. Whether your company is in the construction industry or not, CoConstruct has the potential to eliminate multiple challenges you typically face when working on large projects.

The Many Features of CoConstruct for Businesses

CoConstruct is a software product that provides adaptable, highly versatile solutions for many types of businesses. It is specially equipped for mid-project changes, added activities, and a host of other factors that often allow for customization. Business project managers and clients can reconfigure the software on the spot. This is the product's main benefit: it makes communicating with customers simple and straightforward.

Typical project components like estimates, orders, bids, budgets and more all land in a centralized hub that functions on a unique, streamlined single-entry system. There's no problem when it comes to tracking content, following up on leads, managing orders, and creating portals for each client. The software package comes with its own module to handle every conceivable type of financial activity, like bids, expense summaries, prior estimates, project proposals, forecasts, and day-by-day budgeting charts.

The following are just a few of the key capabilities of CoConstruct software:

  • It coordinates all your projects with ease, making construction company bookkeeping a no-hassle task, even on large projects

  • It allows for seamless communication with clients and crew members at all times

  • Your construction company CFO advisory service can work with the CoConstruct database at tax time to create comprehensive federal and state filing

  • It gives you total control over your financials with accurate tracking of proposals, bids, estimates, budgets, and forecasts

  • The software includes functionality for complete timesheet management, to-do list tracking, job site activity, job progress, and mobile apps for easy use in the field

  • CoConstruct lets you share files and photos with clients, deliver all forms of data to them at any time, and works to track and manage leads from your own database

If you typically turn to construction company financial advisers you will still be able to work with a construction company CPA, but CoConstruct turns day-to-day coordination, communication, and control into a simple, no-headaches project.

Advantages of CoConstruct's Cloud-Based Setup

Business owners enjoy a core advantage of CoConstruct, namely that its entire function is cloud-based. That means you never have to deal with high-priced maintenance issues or complicated installation issues. The software features an interface that is 100 percent intuitive, which makes it the ideal job-site or project tool for any industry. Pricing is competitive, especially considering the fact that you can integrate CoConstruct into whatever your current software environment is.

Our team of seasoned professionals here at Fusion CPA can help your company implement and utilize CoConstruct software or assist with any other aspects of your accounting and business needs. Whether your needs include a construction company CPA, construction company CFO advisory services, or year-round construction company tax planning — we are here to help. We understand the unique needs of construction companies and our team is available to quickly and easily provide solutions. You can learn more about our services by clicking the button below to schedule a complimentary discovery call today!


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