ax Time Tips For Freelance  Writers

Basic Accounting & Tax Planning Tips For Freelance Writers

Forming a long-term relationship with a freelance writing CPA can assist with keeping your business’s bookkeeping accurate and help when it's time to pay taxes.

When you're involved in a creative job such as freelance writing, you may not be interested in performing the tasks required to complete your freelance writing bookkeeping. Even if you enjoy crunching numbers and filling out paperwork, a freelance writing CPA can help ensure you are keeping your books accurately. Why take precious time away from your day researching tax questions or filling in transactions when you can be more productive writing excellent copy or articles for the web? It's usually best to leave your accounting work to a professional who can make sure everything is correct. A freelance writing accountant understands all of the guidelines associated with business expenses and finding ways to help you keep more of your hard-earned money.

Professional Bookkeeping For The Freelance Writer

A freelance writing CPA understands the ins and outs of freelance writing bookkeeping for your business. They can act as a trusted adviser who shows you how to document your expenses properly to avoid being audited by the IRS. For example, some freelance writers don't realize that if they're traveling abroad and renting a space, they can use a percentage of that cost as a business expense. It's details like this that make hiring a freelance writing accountant so valuable. They can also assist you in creating a process for keeping your business ledger current. This process might include inputting your expenses and invoices into accounting software like QuickBooks Online, which can be accessed by an accounting specialist who is assisting you. They'll be patient and happy to answer any questions you have, which can help in making it more clear about the items they require from you.

Objectives Of Freelance Writing Tax Planning

If you're receiving 1099s for your completed writing projects and earnings, it can help to keep these organized in one area. You may want to scan and upload them into a secure area of the cloud. Taking this action helps keep them safe and easily accessible. If you've hired a freelance writing accountant to assist with your freelance writing tax planning, you can provide them with access to these documents or forward them securely. An experienced accountant can help you form a strategy for your freelance writing tax planning that gets you prepared for the tax bill you'll have to pay. Think about creating a long-term relationship with this type of professional. It's going to be much easier for them to assist with your freelance writing tax planning when they are already handling your financial books. This way, they can help spot categories where you may be able to save money, clean up errors, or create more income. Taking advantage of tax credits and deductions can be financially rewarding. They'll make sure you do this correctly.

Long-Term Financial Strategies

Knowing what to track and what you can deduct can be thoroughly planned for your specific situation. Here at Fusion CPA, our freelance writing financial advisers can provide you with comprehensive financial reports to help determine the financial integrity of your freelance writing business. Ensuring that you're handling your books legally and with the most money in your pocket are two main goals you can achieve when utilizing our freelance writer CFO advisory service. When you have an unbiased financial professional who can also assist you with contract negotiations or marketing pricing decisions, you can have more time to spend with your writing projects and keep more of your money. You can learn more about our services by clicking the button below to schedule a complimentary discovery call today!


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