Filevine is a cloud-based solution used to manage projects, teams, and cases. It also offers law firms the assistance they need to organize case documents. Furthermore, Filevine can coordinate and assist in the streamlining of communication. Filevine allows for more coherent discussions between advisers, managers, team members, and clients. In addition to these advantages, there are other ways that you can get the most out of Filevine.

Automate Your Law Firm Processes

Filevine's task management function allows you to give assignments to your teammates. It can also assist you in keeping permanent records, allowing you to get away from a constant strain of emails and handwritten notes. With Filevine’s task management function, you can keep everything in one place. Most law cases involve multiple phases. Filevine’s Task Flow feature allows you to automate these phases with just a click of a button. Having an automated system reduces the chances of forgotten processes and missed client activities. You will also ensure that your team members can get the correct assignments on time.

Automated systems are fantastic in reducing errors in your law firm’s operational processes. However, it has to be set up meticulously. Otherwise, an error may be replicated hundreds of times. Our excellent law firm accountants can help you include safeguards utilizing industry standards to help eliminate this issue.

Streamline Your Law Firm Accounting Tasks

The goal of Filevine’s accounting features is to help you manage the financial aspects of your law firm. You can experience this feature better with the help of our Fusion CPA law firm accountants by your side. Our topnotch accountants are trained to apply law firm accounting principles using traditional and modern applications. Our team of seasoned law firm CPAs can provide you with reliable suggestions on how to properly use Filevine to streamline your law firm's accounting tasks.

Due to the daily grind of running your business, you may not always have a plan. But having a perspective on how your law firm works and performs, you can create new policies that promote growth. Filevine offers a Bill and Expense Tracking feature to help you keep track and analyze the current financial events in your law firm.

Filevines billing report provides a link to all the documents associated with each bill. By clicking this hyperlink, you will be directed to a view of the documents, details on related providers, and more. This report will also give a heads up of upcoming payables making overdue bills a thing of the past. Our experienced law firm bookkeeper can utilize this information to help you produce reliable financial metrics displaying your law firm's expenses.

Filevine has other features and functionalities that can help you simplify the management of your law firm. Our team of law firm financial advisers can help you maximize the potential of Filevine for your law firm business. Our excellent law firm accountants can also help you with several solutions such as law firm tax planning, law firm CFO advisory, and more. If you want to learn more, feel free to contact us now!


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