Georgia Tech University has attracted very talented students, who might not simply want to gain valuable knowledge but also want to apply their skills to create new products and services. Fortunately, the Georgia Tech Advanced Technology Development Center (ATDC) is available to help these entrepreneurs take the steps needed to create successful startups. As they grow, their businesses they find that utilizing our Atlanta bookkeepers and tax specialists to manage their books and tax planning can truly streamline their business’ operations funtions.

Advanced Technology Development Center Partners

The university has signed up a number of community partners for their business owners. These include Atlanta CEO Council, Invest Atlanta, Startup Drinks, Startup Lounge, Technology Association of Georgia and Venture Atlanta. For example, Venture Capital sponsors conferences where it connects investors with the new business owners. Generally, investors will present companies with a "wish list" of what they expect from startup finances. We can help the companies establish a solid accounting foundation, so they can satisfy investor demands.

Learn How to Run Business

The ATDC Incubator teaches individuals how to become valuable members of the business community. Georgia Tech even connects the business owners to funding resources. As the businesses hit the ground running, they can trust in our Atlanta bookkeepers to make sure their accounts are well-organized. With our expertise, businesses are able outsource their accounting functions, so they can concentrate on their core competency.

ATDC Incubator Startups

ATDC portfolio companies include Acivilate, DocSnap, FiXD, Haste, Mogean, Nfant, PurpleCloud Technologies, Quantum Wireless, Quest Renewables, Sudu, VehCon and WorthIX. The Atlanta business community is well-served by these startups, which will create new jobs for the citizens. As these companies begin to blossom, our accountants help them with compliance, taxes and day-to-day balance reconciliations. We all benefit from these rising young stars.


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